How to have two Kakao accounts

How do I register a KakaoTalk multi profile?

This popular Korean messenger with more than 150 million users is an indispensable tool in many Asian countries. In Korea not only locals use it, but also tourists feel the need to have an account for communication. Since the app became so popular, many users need a multi profile on KakaoTalk, which might cause a problem since the app requires phone number verification. 

However, don’t hurry to the mobile provider's office. You can get a number faster and cheaper - a virtual number from Tiger SMS. This number only costs several cents and allows you to receive a verification code on our website. What is more, you’ll be able to choose the country your number is coming from, which is very important for those not from Asia. Get your KakaoTalk multiple accounts with Tiger SMS right away with almost no money or effort.

Who uses multiple Kakao accounts?

Why do people register several accounts on KakaoTalk? Consider these reasons:

  1. Identity protection: people want to have an additional anonymous account not connected to their real personality.

  2. Managing business communication: it’s often a good idea to have your business and personal communication separated.

  3. Setting up a corporate account: it’s an important thing for those having business in Asia.

For any of these or other reasons, Tiger SMS is ready to provide solutions for KakaoTalk multiple accounts. We have a lot of numbers instantly available to cover all your needs.

How can you have 2 Kakao accounts with Tiger SMS?

Using Tiger SMS is very simple, regardless of if you register your first account or need multiple Kakao accounts. You’ll find a guide below so that you can be sure the whole process is not at all complicated.

Let’s start with getting a virtual number for KakaoTalk:

1. Set up a personal page on Tiger SMS. You’ll need only an email, and the procedure is very fast.

2. Deposit money into your account. From this account, you’ll pay for the numbers you want to use. We support many payment options so you’ll be able to choose the one that’s the most convenient for you. Make sure you have enough money for the offers that you want.

3. Now you can find the offer and get your numbers for KakaoTalk multiple accounts on the main page. Think about which country you want your accounts to be associated with - sometimes it’s really important. Once you’re ready with your choice, press “Buy”. Your numbers instantly appear on your personal page and can be used for registration.

For bulk customers we offer additional discounts - contact our support to discuss that. 

After you get the number or numbers you need, we can move to the next step.

How to have two Kakao accounts through a virtual number

This is the second and last step.

1. On the main page of Kakao, find the registration button.

2. Go through all the necessary steps and give the app all the access it requires.

3. When you get to the step where the app asks for your number, give the number from Tiger SMS. 

4. On your page on Tiger SMS press “Get SMS code” for the number you’re using and wait for the message to arrive. When you have the code, confirm your Kakao account. 

This is how you make KakaoTalk multiple profiles. You can repeat the procedure for every new account you create - it’s fast and simple.