How to use multiple accounts in WhatsApp

How do I get multiple accounts on WhatsApp in 2023?

How do I get multiple accounts on WhatsApp in 2023?

A messenger coming from the USA has been on the market for over ten years and as of today more than 2 billion people use it for personal communication and business. Obviously, taking into account its whooping popularity, many users need multiple accounts on WhatsApp. Luckily, it’s not a problem anymore - you can buy a virtual number from Tiger SMS and get your second account for WhatsApp right away.

Why do people need several accounts, though?

  • Someone wants to use different accounts for personal communication and business.

  • Other people even have different businesses and thus don’t want to mix things up.

  • Promoters use many accounts for marketing strategies.

  • Some users like having a backup account in case they get blocked.

You might find your own reasons for using two accounts. WhatsApp would want to verify each of your accounts with a phone number, so think about using a virtual number for registration. Below you’ll find out how to do that.

Using WhatsApp multiple accounts with virtual numbers from Tiger SMS

Good news first: a virtual number for your second WhatsApp on Android or iOS would only cost 5 cents. It’s a price to receive your verification code from WhatsApp upon registration. Now the instructions:

1. Register on Tiger SMS through your email to be able to control your numbers and receive codes;

2. Find the offer for WhatsApp and choose the country of your number. Now you’ll see the price for this service;

3. Deposit the required amount to your account (with a bank card, crypto or any other convenient method);

4. Come back to the offer you want to use and buy the number by clicking the button;

5. The number you’ve just bought can be found on your personal page. Now go to the app to add a second WhatsApp account;

6. Follow the standard registration process until you’re asked for the number. Here, type in the number you bought from Tiger SMS.

7. Open your personal page on Tiger SMS and click “Get SMS code” for the number you’re using.

8. Your code would instantly be shown on the same page. Normally the process is instant but sometimes you might have to wait a couple of moments. When you get the code, confirm your WhatsApp account with it.

Now you have two WhatsApp accounts (or as many as you want). Come back to Tiger SMS anytime you need another one - it’s cheap and convenient.

WhatsApp second number with Tiger SMS: what are the benefits?

Currently, you might find different solutions to using WhatsApp with two accounts. However, not all of them are as good as they seem.

  • A virtual number is almost free compared to buying a second-hand account or a separate new SIM card for verification.

  • With a virtual number your new account is totally anonymous. Even though Tiger SMS has your email, we don’t share it with any third parties and thus your accounts cannot be traced to you.

  • A second-hand account is not a safe solution: you cannot be sure other people don’t have access to it. Also, a dishonest seller can always get your account back and sell it again to someone else.

  • Using a virtual number is fast and cheap. There’s no more convenient way to get two WhatsApp accounts on Android or iOS. By the way, you can register on any online service in the same way.

  • Tiger SMS has a clear and user-friendly interface, so even using it for the first time will be very simple. In case of trouble, our online support is always here to help.

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