Get a virtual phone number for Weibo verification

Get a reliable virtual number for Weibo account creation with ease

Weibo, the eminent social network of China, has garnered a colossal following over time. Although it is microblogging network initially, its functionality has transformed and expanded beyond imagination, and its user base has escalated to exceed half of a billion individuals. For those who yearn to dive into the essence of Chinese culture, learn its language, and freely interact with its people, Weibo is the ideal choise. Entrepreneurs who have some commercial interests in China must regard creating a Weibo account as a foundational prerequisite.

Weibo phone number verification is mandatory!

Unfortunately, one can`t even view Weibo without account, and it`s not possible to register Weibo without phone number. This is mandatory to sign up for the platform. To do that, buying a virtual number will be oftentimes necessary. Fortunately, Tiger SMS will facilitate this particular step perfectly.

Why really buy a virtual Weibo phone number for verification?

In contemporary times, it has become a crucial necessity to obtain a Chinese phone number for Weibo sms verification. The Chinese government has enacted stringent rules, outlawing anonymity on social media platforms. Therefore, to get the myriad of Weibo benefits, the only way for many will be undergoing verification process using a Chinese virtual phone number with sms.

The inquiry promptly arises - why should you use a virtual number for the Weibo account creation, not employing your personal one? In practice, such a phone number which originate not from China frequently falls short in receiving text messages or encountering other troubles. If your Weibo registration failed, or Weibo not sending verification code so that you are interested about how to sign up for Weibo as a foreigner, be aware that this Chinese network is thoroughly tailored towards domestic consumers. For instance, if one try to enter a US one, this may result in receiving a message informing about invalid mobile number for Weibo. That`s why it is reasonable to get some virtual Weibo phone number in order to relish the full advantages of this popular platform.

Feel free to get familiar with our service list. Here you can always get what you need for Weibo account registration. In the event that you are seek for more than one account for promotional purposes, we will offer you the best price for the bulk sms activation. Tiger SMS stands fully prepared to sell you as much Weibo phone number verifications as you need.

Guidelines for easy buying a reliable virtual phone number to register Weibo account

Here is our guidelines for buying a virtual number, and creation of Weibo account.

  1. Enter our sign up section, and provide an address of your email box where your verification link will be sent. If you wish to sign up faster, just use one of your social media accounts such as VK, Facebook, Insta.

  2. Click "Top up" balance button.

  3. Make a deposit using your desired payment option. You can choose between MasterCard or Visa, Google and Apple Pay, along with purchasing virtual number using Bitcoin, LTC, USDT or ETH.
  4. Please proceed to our virtual mobile number store. Choose the desired web service (i.e. Weibo), country (China), and then click Get.

  5. The virtual number to get Weibo acc will be on your screen, just paste it into the Weibo sign-up form, and click Send. Then, you will receive the Weibo sms verification text code that you will use to complete your Weibo account creation process.


Why Tiger SMS?

We know that there are very many web platforms offering virtual mobile numbers. Just take a look at four reasons why Tiger SMS can be taken as reliable SMS-Activate or 5sim alternative:

  • Affordable pricing. Get virtual number to create Weibo account as cheap as possible on this planet!
  • Huge selection. We always offer many thousands of reliable virtual phone numbers originated from more than 260 countries, and we sure we can satisfy any bulk order needs.
  • Reliable and fast API to automate the process of getting text SMSs in a bulk, in case you need to receive many messages from Weibo or other websites
  • Privacy. We never share your email or IP address with anyone.

Feel free to ask your additional questions in our online chat, we a here to help you 24/7!