Buy a virtual number for Alibaba

Get a virtual number for Alibaba

Do you use Alibaba to buy some personal stuff, or you rely on this platform for your business? Buy a fake number for Alibaba from Tiger SMS and enjoy using a reliable anonymous account. Why people opt for registering with a virtual number:

  • a possibility to have as many accounts on Alibaba as you want;

  • using efficient promotion strategies for one’s business with several accounts;

  • cheap solution instead of buying real SIM cards for every account;

  • simple use: no need to swap cards in your phone.

How to buy an Alibaba number to receive SMS at Tiger SMS?

Tiger SMS is the most reliable provider of virtual numbers. Here’s how you get an Alibaba number for otp or iOs:

  1. Register on Tiger SMS to set up a personal page;

  2. Choose a convenient way to top up your account and deposit some money to pay for the numbers you want to use. A number for Alibaba only costs 27 cents;

  3. Choose the service you want to register on and the country for your number;

  4. Buy the number and find it on your personal page under “Active numbers”. Now you can use it for registration.

In this way, you’ll get an anonymous account which you can use as you please. With Tiger SMS you’ll never face a problem with Alibaba phone verification not working.

Why register Alibaba with a temporary number?

If you’ve ever wondered “how to get verified on Alibaba”, you probably have your own reasons not to use your personal number. However, we’ll mention several benefits of this method:

  • with a virtual number you can get an unlimited number of accounts within several minutes (the procedure is very fast and simple);

  • it’s a cheap solution: a virtual number is much cheaper than buying a SIM card or an existing account (not to mention the risk of using second-hand accounts);

  • privacy: your account cannot be traced to your real personality;

  • it’s simple: just a couple of clicks and your account is ready.