Buy a virtual phone number for AOL

Get a temporary telephone number for AOL

Get a temporary telephone number for AOL

AOL is a popular platform for email and instant messaging. It’s free to use but there is one obligatory step: phone number verification. If you don’t want to disclose your personal phone number on the platform, you might be looking for a simple solution to it. Luckily, in 2023 bypassing verifications is rather simple. Read on to find out more.

What you need is a temporary phone number for AOL mail that you can easily buy from a provider of virtual numbers. Tiger SMS is a reliable service where you can buy a number for AOL for several cents only. The procedure is fast and simple.

Such an option does not involve any complications or problems. A temporary number allows receiving SMS messages. For the mail service itself, there is no difference between a virtual number and a real one.

Why use an AOL verification number?

Why is AOL so popular? Well, the main thing is that it’s free. Some other benefits are:

  • unlimited incoming and outcoming mails;

  • possibility to have your account idle for a long time with no getting it disabled;

  • AOL works with most protocols for data transmission;

  • good level of security and privacy;

  • useful built-in spam filters;

  • automatic spell check.

If you want to register at AOL, find the guide on how to bypass AOL verification below.

How do I verify my AOL account with a virtual number from Tiger SMS?

Below are instruction of using a virtual number:

1. Register an account on Tiger SMS. You only need an email for registration to be able to buy the numbers and receive verification codes.

2. Top up your account in order to pay for the numbers you’re using.

3. Use any payment method that is convenient to you (we support Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Google Pay, Apple Pay and crypto). Once you have the money on your account, go to the main page.

4. On the main page find an offer for AOL verification number and choose the country for your number. You’ll see the price for the verification message at this step. When you’re ready with your choice, press “Buy” and find your new number on your personal page under the heading “Active numbers”.

The number is ready to be used. Proceed with registering at AOL and receive your AOL verification code text message on your personal page on Tiger SMS.

Why should I get a phone number for AOL from Tiger SMS?

We’re a reliable and secure provider of virtual phone numbers for AOL and any other popular service. Here are our main advantages:

  • the lowest prices on the market;

  • large database of available numbers;

  • fast interface for bulk customers;

  • numbers from almost any country in the world;

  • only functional and working numbers.

Buy your phone number for AOL mail from Tiger SMS and register your anonymous account in several minutes. In case you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our online support.

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