Get a Netflix phone number for verification online

Get a virtual number for Netflix from Turkey, the USA, Canada and almost any other country in the world

Get a virtual number for Netflix from Turkey, the USA, Canada and almost any other country in the world

You might have been wondering why people are looking for a Netflix SMS verification bypass in 2023. There are two main reasons: to use a month free trial indefinitely (getting a new account every month) or to watch favorite shows where the service is not available. The best solution for both problems is getting a virtual number from Tiger SMS, the best provider of numbers for verification.

Have a look at what we offer. Tiger SMS not only sells Netflix number verification but also virtual numbers for almost any popular platform or service. Our numbers are affordable, easy-to-use and anonymous. What is more, you can buy as many numbers as you need, creating absolutely anonymous profiles within minutes. Don’t give up on your privacy online - use Tiger SMS.

What’s the cheapest way to buy a phone number for Netflix verification?

Instead of getting a new SIM card for verification, consider using a virtual number for your Netflix SMS. Receive it online on our website and start watching right away! All our numbers are 100% reliable and were never used before, so you won’t waste your time or money. Even more so: if you do not receive your code for some reason, we will provide you with another number for free.

Thus, your SMS reception is guaranteed. That’s something that our customers cherish and what they keep coming back for. Trust us with your verification tasks and we’ll sort you out within minutes.

What are our other advantages? To name a few:

  • vast database of numbers: get your US number for Netflix verification (or a number from any country) for just several cents any minute;

  • you’ll be able to choose the country of your numbers, which is very important in case you’re using the platform from somewhere where it’s not available. The most popular ones are Turkey, the USA and the UK;

  • our platform is very simple and buying a number takes literally a couple of clicks; no need to be an expert to use our services;

  • we accept several payment methods (bank cards, online wallets, crypto) as we cherish your comfort;

  • we have friendly online support who will be happy to solve any issue should it arise.

How do I verify a phone number Netflix?

If you have never used a fake number for Netflix, find a detailed guide below. It’s very simple and fast, not to mention it’s very cheap, not even comparable to paying for a real SIM card. So, do as follows:

  1. Register at Tiger SMS with your email;

  2. Find Netflix in the list of offers (use a search bar if necessary) and choose the country for your number. Now you can see the price for a verification code;

  3. Deposit the necessary amount into your account, come back to the offer and buy the number you want;

  4. On your personal page find the part labelled “Active numbers”. Here is your new virtual number;

  5. Use the number for registration on Netflix.

Come back when you need a US phone number for Netflix verification or any other virtual number for various other services.

Elena Kuznetsova
Author: Elena Kuznetsova

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