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Get a fake phone number for Steam from Tiger SMS

Steam is a huge ecosystem for gamers with not only the possibility to buy games but also talk to other users, make gaming streams etc. You can easily register with an email, however, in this way, you do not have access to the full functionality of the platform. In order to use all the benefits you need to verify your account with a phone number. This can be an issue for those who don’t want to give their phone numbers online and for people who need a second account for some reason. Since the platform tries to fight anonymous accounts, it’s rather understandable. However, it doesn’t mean the users have to give up on their privacy.

What you need is a Steam phone number generator, and we’re happy to offer you one. You can buy a virtual number for Steam from Tiger SMS for as low as 11 cents and create as many accounts as you need.

Why use a fake phone number for Steam?

For the users of Steam, phone number verification is not obligatory. Linking a phone number is another step of registration allowing you, first of all, to secure your account, as well as giving access to some products (mostly multiplayer), which are not available for non-verified users.

Most users who seek a phone number for Steam are doing so in order to play Dota 2. Since it was launched in 2019, non-verified users can’t participate in rating seasons. Even though many users objected to this limitation, the platform never lifted it.

Probably, you’ve opened the game and seen the following message:

“It looks like your phone number associated with Dota is not synchronized with Steam. Please, link your phone number to Dota”.

Don’t worry, there is a reliable method to bypass this. Get a fake phone number for Steam and use all features available to verified users without compromising your online safety.

How to use Steam phone number generator: a detailed guide

There are several simple steps to getting a fake phone number for Steam:

1. Register on Tiger SMS to have control over your numbers. You’ll need to use an email for this.

2. Top up your balance to pay for the numbers you’ll be using. Find the button at the top of your screen.

3. Choose the method of payment that works best for you. Each method might have a different commission - you’ll see it on the payment page upfront.

4. After you have some money in your account, go to the list of offers on the main page and find Steam. Then choose the country for your number and see the price for the verification message. Once you decide, press “Buy” and go find your number on your personal page. It’s now ready to be used for verification.

In this way, you can buy as many numbers as you need from the Steam phone number generator. We make sure there are a lot of available numbers any time you might need them. The message with the verification code comes to your personal page on our website.

Is Tiger SMS the best way to get a number for Steam?

Our main goal is to make the process of number purchases as simple and fast as possible. We also boast some other advantages:

  • attractive prices;

  • large database of virtual numbers for any online platforms;

  • numbers from almost any country in the world;

  • fast and streamlined procedures;

  • search bar to save your time;

  • fast delivery of verification messages;

  • handy platform for bulk registration.

Whenever you need a fake phone number for Steam, come to Tiger SMS. In case you face any troubles, our support team will be happy to solve them.