Buy a fake Chinese phone number for verification

Get a China number for SMS verification

Since almost any online platform requires a verified account, more and more people are looking for a way to register without using their personal numbers. The easy way to do it is to register through Chinese numbers for verification, especially if you’re using a platform or a service from Asia or just want to communicate with people from that part of the world or have business there. There are simple and reliable offers on the Internet now, no need to look for shady solutions.

On Tiger SMS you can easily buy a Chinese phone number for verification on any platform of your choice for just several cents. Read on to find out how to buy a fake Chinese number.

Why do people use SMS verification from China?

For many services you can use a virtual number from any country (also available at Tiger SMS), however, certain services in Asia are only available for local users, so verification can only be done with a Chinese number. Here a virtual Chinese phone number is a reliable and cheap solution to the problem, especially if you don’t have an opportunity to get a real Chinese number or just don’t want to use it.

For those users who are looking for numerous profiles on a certain platform, a real number is definitely not a solution since buying many numbers is too expensive. On Tiger SMS you can get a virtual number (China or any other country) for several cents and within a couple of minutes, with instant access to your new verified accounts.

Another reason to use fake Chinese numbers is that many resources are not available to foreigners (or have different requirements in order to use them), but with a local number, you bypass this issue and can use any platform as a local customer. For people having business in China and with China, this can be the only solution in many situations.

How to get a Chinese phone number for verification on different platforms?

If you need to use any Asian platform, a China virtual phone number is a must for verification. At Tiger SMS you can easily buy as many numbers as you need, it’s enough to only go through a fast registration procedure on our website. After that, you’ll be able to register anywhere including:

  1. WeChat - the most used messenger in China; over a billion users all over the world.

  2. QQ - the second most popular messenger in China used for personal and business communication.

  3. Alipay - a convenient system of payment used by almost any business in the country and in many other countries outside.

  4. Weibo - several years ago it was a popular platform for microblogs and today it’s a huge ecosystem with many other communication features.

  5. Taobao - an indispensable tool for business and e-commerce users.

  6. Alibaba - a service for bulk sales with a wide choice of products from any area.

Obviously, this is not a full list of services and applications you can use with a China virtual phone number (SMS online at Tiger SMS). You’ll be able to use any platform of your choice and create as many accounts as you need, all of them reliable and anonymous.

Why don’t I get a free Chinese number to receive SMS?

It’s not a rare thing to see an offer of a free number to bypass Chinese ID verification on various websites within some promotional offers. However, it’s not as good as it sounds, and here is why:

  1. Waste of time. In order to find a working fake Chinese number for verification you’ll have to spend a lot of time and effort - almost all of them are there just to lure in clients.

  2. Verification problems. Obviously, many people want to use a free offer, so you’ll probably face trouble receiving messages with the code and verifying your account.

  3. Small choice. Since it’s often a limited offer, you won’t be able to choose a platform of your choice. Normally such offers are limited to one platform and not the most popular.

  4. Reliability. You can never be sure your new account is going to be clean even if you manage to verify it with a free number.

So, taking into account all these issues, it’s always better to get your Chinese phone number to receive SMS from a good provider with a reliable database and secure operation. With Tiger SMS you can get all your numbers fast and for a good price without wasting a single minute of your time.