Get a virtual number for Viber

Free virtual number for Viber

Free virtual number for Viber

Viber is used by almost 1 billion people worldwide. It is a convenient service for exchanging messages and videos, creating group chats, and much more. Many companies have an account here to conduct business.


Do you need to create a new account in Viber? To accomplish this task, you need to use a mobile number. It is important to keep in mind that this option is not always available. The optimal solution becomes registering on Viber for free using a phone number. The "Tiger SMS" service offers a similar service. There is a special section with free phones from different countries that any website visitor can use.

There are several situations where the opportunity to get a virtual number for Viber for free is relevant:


  • Anonymity. Creating an account that will not be tied to a specific person. A virtual mobile contact is optimal for solving this task.
  • Second profile. One account is not always enough. The option with dividing personal life, education, or hobbies is quite popular.
  • Creating a fake.


There is a situation where a free Viber virtual number is not suitable. This is relevant when a mass registration of accounts is required for promotion or other purposes. There is a limited number of phones available in the catalog.When a wholesale batch is needed, it is better to save time and make a purchase at a price of a few rubles per piece.

How to get a virtual Viber number for free

Let's take a look at how to get a free virtual number for Viber using the "Tiger SMS" service:


  1. In the top menu of the website, you can find the section "Free Numbers". We need to go to it.

2. A list appears where free online numbers for registering on Viber or any other services are presented. You do not need to register on the site to use the phones.
3. It isnecessary to go to any of the listed numbers. A list of activations that have been performed by other users appears. It is important to understand that the virtual phone is available to anyone, and the codes received on it are displayed for everyone to see. Check the message list for Viber registration. If such a record exists, then the number has already been used for this messenger, and you need to move on to the next one.


The "Tiger SMS" website has a simple and straightforward interface. It is easy to understand all the details and functionality.

How to use a free number for registering on Viber


  1. Open the registration window. Here you need to enter the virtual number obtained earlier. An important point is not to forget to change the country code to the required option, otherwise the message will not be delivered.
  2. We receive a notification about sending an SMS. To receive it, we return to the corresponding page of the "Tiger SMS" website. The message list is updated, and a line with the code for Viber appears. We copy it. 
  3. We return to the profile creation window. We enter the confirmation code received earlier.
  4. We have looked in detail at how to register on Viber for free using a phone number.


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