Get a virtual number for VK for free without registration

How to get a Free numbers for VK from Tiger SMS

VKontakte is the largest social network in Russia. Almost every person has their own profile, and the number of active users exceeds 70 million. Need to create an additional account? In this case, there is only one way to create a profile - use a mobile number.

Here a number of problems arise, as there is not always an extra contact available, and registering it at a mobile operator's office not only takes time but also deprives of anonymity. "Tiger SMS" offers a fast and convenient solution - free num for VK. This is an excellent opportunity to save money and time on profile registration.

Why do you need a free virtual number for VK?

When do you need to create an additional account for VK? Most often, you have to deal with one of the following options:

  1. Preserving anonymity. Nowadays, it is important to be careful about what you write in social networks. A free virtual phone number for VK is an opportunity to completely hide your real data. Nothing will link the user to the created profile.
  2. Separation of work and personal life. Nowadays, any business has its own page on VK. Now, the absence of an additional phonewill not be a problem.
  3. Promotion. Do you need to fill a discussion with comments or in any other way attract attention to a product or service? In this case, a temporary free number for VK will come in handy.

The service offers the best conditions, as well as consultations from technical support.

How to create a free virtual phone number for VK?

Let's provide a detailed instruction of the whole process, where we will consider each of the steps.

  1. Go to the "Tiger SMS" website. Registration is not mandatory, which is an important advantage. In the top menu, select "Free numbers".Create a free virtual phone number for VK
  2. We are taken to a section where a list of phone numbers is available. This will allow you to create a free virtual phone number for VK. Choose any of the proposed options.
  3. After transition to the corresponding page, it is recommended to view the list of activations. It is important to understand that free SMS numbers for VK are used only once for the specified service. If there is a previous activation message, we move on to another contact.

Copy the mobile phone to proceed directly to creating a profile.

How to use free numbers to receive SMS on VK

We move on to the next stage. We have a phone that we found on the "Tiger SMS" service website. Using it, we create a new account.

1. Open the registration window. Enter the free number to create VK. Don't forget to change the country code if the phone is not from Russia.


2. The social network does not immediately send the code. Initially, a call is made to the specified mobile phone. The free virtual phone number for VK does not have the option to receive calls. You need to wait for the allotted time (indicated at the bottom).


3. When the timer reaches zero, a new option becomes available. Click on "Confirm by another method". The system immediately sends an SMS with a confirmation code.

4. We return to the "Tiger SMS" website to the number page. Click "Refresh and see SMS". A new message for VKontakte will appear in the list below. It is necessary to copy the authorization code from there.

5. Go back to the registration window. Enter the code to complete the profile creation.

We have an account at our disposal that does not raise any objections from the security system. It can be used for any purpose - from communication to promoting goods or services.