Discount on the first order and birthdays at Burger King: how to get them multiple times

Eternal discount on the first order and birthday at Burger King: life hack from Tiger SMS

Eternal discount on the first order and birthday at Burger King: life hack from Tiger SMS

If you enjoy dining at Burger King, discounts can make your orders even more enjoyable. Moreover, those who register for the first time receive particularly attractive bonuses. The specific conditions depend on the program you choose. Burger King constantly creates new and interesting offers. Therefore, if you want to take part in current promotions, you need to stay up to date. It is best to search for a discount on an order at Burger King in July or August 2023. This way, you will be certain that the code for obtaining bonuses is valid.

Discount at Burger King on the first order

For those who are just getting acquainted with this chain, a discount on an order at Burger King is always provided, and usually, the first one is the most attractive. For example, in August, you can:

- Receive a discount on your first order;

- Buy a cheeseburger for just $1 - another offer for newcomers.

It should be noted that new and interesting programs are constantly appearing specifically for those who are ordering for the first time, so it is important to carefully monitor ongoing promotions.

Discount at Burger King on your birthday

The restaurant chain is always ready to please its visitors. Therefore, it is essential to carefully study Burger King's menu with discounts on your birthday. The network offers triple bonus accrual! You just need to register and provide your correct birthdate. There are a few simple conditions:

1. Bonuses are only accrued for 1 order (you choose which one).

2. This order can be made on the day of your birthday, 3 days before the actual date, or 3 days after.

Do you need a discount coupon at Burger King?

Many people are interested in how to get discounts at Burger King today and whether coupons are required. In fact, it all depends on the specific promotion. In some cases, you can use discounts through coupons, while in others, simply registering is sufficient. Therefore, carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion, as everything is explained in detail there.

How to get multiple discounts at Burger King?

You may have noticed that Burger King discounts are often only available once, for example, upon first registration or on your birthday. However, it would be nice to receive gifts more frequently! In reality, this is quite possible. Registration for discounts on the Burger King app is done through a phone number. However, most people usually have only one number, and buying a new SIM card is inconvenient and expensive. This makes it difficult to create additional accounts at Burger King to receive a permanent discount. 

There is a solution: get a virtual number from the special service Tiger SMS. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy discounts on Burger King orders as many times as you want. Using this service is very easy:

1. You just need to register on the Tiger SMS website. To do this, simply provide an email address and confirm it.

2. Then you will need to top up your account using any convenient method for you. The money will be needed to rent a virtual number.

3. The next step is to choose a phone number that you like. Note that you can select the operator of the desired country.

4. Afterwards, you need to provide the phone number during registration on the Burger King website.

5. After that, a confirmation code will be sent. You can view it on the Tiger SMS website by simply clicking the corresponding button.

6. Afterward, you will be able to place an order as if it's your first time. In other words, you will be able to receive all the bonuses and participate in all the promotions designed for newcomers.

7. If desired, you can repeat the process with a different virtual number and receive the discount on the first order at Burger King again.

This is a very profitable option. With just one account, you can get a discount on your first order at Burger King and immediately on your birthday by specifying its date for the nearest order.

With discounts, you can save hundreds of rubles on Burger King orders. And the virtual number costs only 15-40 rubles. The difference is in your favor. As you can see, it's easy and simple.

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