How to Apply Emotional Impact in Content Creation

Emotional Impact on the Reader: How to Create Posts that Will Be Remembered

In the advertising of 2023, posts that have a powerful emotional impact on people are in high demand, as they deeply resonate with individuals and are easily remembered. However, it is clear that learning to create compelling content is not an easy task. To "hook" the reader, you need to learn how to speak their language and address what concerns them.

Who is the reader?

In order for a post to have a powerful emotional impact on a person, you must understand who your target audience is. This applies to any type of text, and advertising posts are no exception.

To illustrate this, examples from fiction literature can be provided. There is a clear division: fairy tales for children, romantic novels for young women, hard-boiled detective stories for cynical and typically adult individuals who have seen life. Understanding your audience helps in choosing the right topic and method of emotional impact that will truly work.

Essentially, the consumer of your content already has a pre-existing demand. A child wants a beautiful fairy tale. A romantically inclined girl wants a story about eternal and great love. A person who has experienced life wants something of their own. And if you attempt to provide such target audience with different content that does not match their demand, it will result in disappointment. Moreover, it is not even about the poor quality of such a post or other text. The reason for the disappointment lies in the mismatch between the audience's demand and what you are offering.

All these rules apply in advertising. If you are writing with the aim of emotional impact, you must have a good understanding of who you are working with. This helps in selecting the right techniques.

What to write?

Successful emotional impact on the reader occurs when you talk about what already concerns them. This is why marketers emphasize the importance of understanding the "pain points" of your target audience. Viral posts often arise from addressing topics that initially worry society.

The most vibrant emotional impact of a text is manifested in the following ways:

Personal experiences that are relevant to your reader's experiences

People love stories. Impersonal advertising works less effectively than a story with a "face". The main thing is for the person to be able to recognize themselves in the "hero" of the story. This is when emotional impact or response occurs.

Pressure on sensitive points

This is one of the controversial mechanisms that can evoke both the desired reaction and a wave of negativity. Therefore, effective management of advertising campaigns is crucial. For example, some course authors promoted themselves in an arrogant manner, claiming that their products are not suitable for everyone. Many people felt offended, angry, and criticized such approach in advertising. However, these posts were definitely memorable. The key is to avoid losing control when employing such a style in the promotion process.

Controversial topics

You can introduce contentious theses such as "shooting stray animals is good" or "legalizing casinos would benefit society" and so on. There is a list of perennially controversial topics. Posts related to them always have an impact on emotions, but it is important to understand that it can be negative.

Highly topical posts

You can create a post with the intention of emotionally impacting the reader based on recently passed laws or any other news. For example, maximum payouts for car insurance claims are reduced four times if an accident is not reported within one hour. This significantly affects policyholders, who are already heated up about the issue. If you quickly write a post on this topic, it will be memorable and attract attention. You can deliberately track the most pressing issues in order to maintain the level of discussion.

Interesting numbers, vivid facts from the world of science, high-tech, technology, and IT

In this case, you can have a convincing emotional impact in 2 situations. First, you can be the first to write about some important development, update, or something else. If the innovation has a significant impact on people's work, they will react. So the post will definitely be memorable. Secondly, you can make a good, detailed analysis or express a controversial, unpopular opinion. In other words, stand out from the general picture. In this case, the emotional impact will come "in reverse".

News from the lives of stars or just famous people

There are always those who are interested in digging into someone else's dirty laundry. The main thing is not to rewrite news that has already been written in many places, and also not to write in the style of "yellow press". If you provide links to at least some sources, people will start reacting to you.

Scandals, intrigue, investigations

If you have conducted your own investigation and found out that a well-known store cheats its customers and you have evidence, there will be a reaction. If you catch a competitor violating the law, your post on this topic will definitely be memorable. At least to the competitor. People love such material, so some readers won't pass by.

How to write?

Undoubtedly, the emotional impact on the reader of the text also depends on the manner of presentation. Take into account the following:

  1. The text should be figurative but not overloaded. It is important that the reader does not get lost in it.
  2. Pay attention to the rhythm of the text. Monotony kills any interest. Therefore, it is necessary to alternate long sentences with short ones, dilute the speech with rhetorical questions, and use different techniques. This livens up the post.
  3. Use verbs. They add dynamics. It is preferable to use them in the present tense. Imperative constructions are also good. If you know how to work with them skillfully, they have a strong emotional and psychological impact and motivate specific actions.
  4. Pay attention to pronouns. These are important factors of emotional impact if used correctly. For example, instead of "I" or "We" - "You". In other words, whenever possible, talk about the reader.
  5. Precise and concise definitions, appropriate adjectives. Words like "beautiful" or "high quality" in most cases convey nothing. But "spicy", "piney" or "orange flavor" allow you to create a precise picture. Such epithets fill the text with imagery. Therefore, they can and should be used as emotional means of impact, the main thing is not to overdo it.


There are many ways to influence the reader. For this, you need to master the word. But to create a post that will truly be memorable, knowledge of the Russian language alone is not enough. You need to ensure that all three key components work together harmoniously: knowledge of the target audience, skillful selection of a topic, and the ability to present it correctly.