How to make Tinder without a phone number

Create Tinder account without a phone number

Tinder made a revolution in online dating to the point where it’s hard to name even one its competitor. People all over the world find partners thanks to this app, even in tiny towns and villages. For sure, such popularity makes more and more people look for the possibility to use the platform without revealing their phone numbers. In 2023 there are a couple of options.

Why would people want a Tinder sign up without a number? There are many arguments:

  • registering a second account

  • creating numerous accounts in bulk

  • losing access to an old phone number

  • being cautious about exposing one’s own number online.

So, how can you use Tinder without a phone number and without resorting to shady unreliable options?

Best ways to create Tinder without a phone number

As nearly all online services try to get as much of your data as possible, Tinder is not an exemption. Users quickly get used to this new norm on the Internet, however, it’s not a reason to give up on your privacy. There are some official ways to use Tinder without a phone, however, your anonymity would not be protected in any way.

In the picture above you can see that one can log into Tinder through an account on Google or Facebook. Well, yes, you don’t have to give your number to Tinder - but you need to share it with Google or Facebook respectively. So this way doesn’t really solve the issue. However, if this option is working for you, just click the button and log into Tinder. Mind that the app will request access to your personal data.

How can you make a Tinder account without a phone number with the help of Tiger SMS

If login through Facebook or Google doesn’t meet your security criteria, try registering through a virtual number from Tiger SMS. Buying a separate SIM card is not the only way to save your online privacy. A virtual number for Tinder with Tiger SMS costs only 20 cents and the code will come instantly to your private page - so why pay more?

So, how to log into Tinder without a phone number? We’ll give you a detailed guide on how to purchase a virtual number at Tiger SMS.

1. Your first step is to register at the Tiger SMS platform using your email address. Set a password - and you’re in.

2. Go to your personal page and put the necessary amount of money into your account. That depends on what service you want to register on.

3. Go to the main page and choose your service. Then choose the country for your virtual number and press “Buy”.

4. Now you can go to Tinder and start registering with your new virtual number. Press “send SMS” and come back to Tiger SMS.

5. On your personal page wait for the verification code to come. Once it’s here, copy it to the Tinder page.

Done. Now you can use Tinder without a phone number. As you can see, buying a virtual number is very easy and fast. Don’t waste your time and money for less reliable and convenient solutions. 

Is Tiger SMS the best platform on the market?

Let us tell you about the advantages of our offers:

  1. Tiger SMS offers the lowest prices on the market. A virtual number with us costs literally a couple of cents.

  2. Our numbers are safe. You can be sure your account is not going to be banned once you start using it. It’s no different from any other account created with a usual number.

  3. Your verification code will be delivered instantly. The process of your registration will not be influenced by a long wait.

  4. We offer virtual numbers for almost any popular platform and from the majority of countries in the world.

The last but not the least is our friendly and clear interface that would require virtually no effort from your side. Get your virtual numbers from Tiger SMS and be sure your identity is safe!