How to set up a second PayPal account?

Can I have two PayPal accounts?

Can I have two PayPal accounts?

PayPal has long won the title of the most widely used payment method in the world. No online marketplace can function properly without using PayPal. It’s especially useful for buying various online games and other similar services.

Many users don’t stop with only one PayPal account and register their PayPal secondary account. That’s useful when you need to separate your personal and business money flow or just to protect your online privacy. Officially PayPal only allows having 2 accounts - a personal one and a business one. However, you can always buy a virtual number from Tiger SMS and have as many accounts as you need.

Those who already use PayPal know that the full verification process includes a bank card. However, as far as a phone number is concerned, Tiger SMS can help you. A virtual number for PayPal 2nd account only costs several cents and gives you the possibility to keep your real number away from PayPal.

Mind that if in your country PayPal is not available, only using a virtual number from another country is not enough: make sure you use the platform through a VPN service or a proxy server.

Can you have two PayPal accounts? Detailed instruction for Tiger SMS

For setting up 2 PayPal accounts you need to buy a virtual number. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Register on Tiger SMS. Don’t worry, all data about your numbers is protected and never shared with anyone.

2. Put some money into your account (depends on how many numbers you want and for which platforms).

3. We support various payment methods - choose the one that suits you best.

4. After you have some money in your account, go on to buy the number for PayPal secondary users. Make sure you choose a country for your number as it is an important aspect with PayPal. When you’re ready, press “Buy” and go find your new number on your personal page.

With this new number, you can move to registration on PayPal now.

PayPal secondary user login with a virtual number

Let’s have a look at the PayPal registration procedure if you’re not yet familiar with it.

1. To begin with, set the type of your account. Probably, you’re looking for an “Individual” option.

2. Set your country and provide your email and other data the system asks for.

3. On the page with personal information you’ll be asked for your personal number. Here, paste the virtual number you bought from Tiger SMS.

4. PayPal would ask you to confirm the number. Open your personal page on Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code” for this number. Once we have the code from PayPal, you’ll instantly see it on the same page.

5. After phone verification, PayPal would ask you to tie your bank card to your account. Then, agree to the terms and conditions and finish the registration.

This is how to have multiple PayPal accounts. With Tiger SMS you can register as many accounts as you need for cheap.

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