How do I get a second Line on my phone?

Can I have 2 Line accounts on one phone?

Line is a very popular messenger in Japan, so if you live here, do business or just visit, an account at this messenger is a must. However, quite often people need two Line accounts. Is this possible? Let’s find out.

Let us tell you about the most convenient way to create a 2nd Line account online. It’s registration through a virtual number where you can receive your verification code online. Tiger SMS is one of the best platforms on the market: here you can get a virtual number for Line or any other service for just several cents.

How to create a 2nd Line account?

Since you need a phone number to verify a Line account, you might face an issue if you’ve already used your personal number or just don’t want to share it online. However, getting multiple Line accounts is rather easy with the help of a virtual number.

Some people still advise buying a real SIM card if you need to verify an account, but this is a far less convenient and far more expensive option. Paying several cents to get your verification code online is a much better option. 

What other advantages are:

  • a virtual number only takes a couple of clicks to use (no need to fumble with a SIM card);
  • the platform is clear and easy-to-use; no need to be an experienced user in order to figure out the procedure;
  • a virtual number is private (while buying a SIM card almost always includes registering it with an ID).

However, be careful with what virtual number provider you use. Choose the best one because this is a matter of your privacy and security. If you are looking for a way to create Line 2 accounts, consider the benefits of Tiger SMS:

  • the lowest prices on the market and offers for bulk clients (bulk is 100 numbers per day and more);
  • guaranteed registration (if you fail to receive your verification code, we replace your number for free);
  • unlimited amount of available numbers for all your needs and hundreds of supported services for registration;
  • several convenient methods of payment (credit cards, crypto, e-money);
  • fast operation and clear interface allowing to register a new account just within a couple of minutes.

How to create a 2nd Line account: a detailed guide

Tiger SMS offers the simplest solution to those who need a second Line sign up. We’ll give you a short instruction so that you can see how easy it is. Here are the exact steps:

1. Create an account at Tiger SMS. You’ll need to type in your email and come up with a password.

2. Find the Line messenger in the catalogue of offers. There’s a search bar if you want to save time or you can scroll through the list of supported platforms and see if you find anything interesting there. Then choose the country for your number (you’ll be able to choose almost any location on the planet);

3. Check the price for the offer you want to use and deposit the necessary amount into your account. From this account, you’ll be paying for all the offers you’re using. Normally you’ll see your funds instantly;

4. Come back to the offer and press “Buy”. Your new number is now available on your personal page. Copy it and head on to actual registration;

5. Install the app (Line in this case) on a PC or a phone. Start registering as you normally would and use your number from Tiger SMS instead of your real one;

6. Press “Get SMS code” for the number you’re using and wait for the message to come. Use the code to confirm your Line account.

This is it. If you’ve been wondering “Can I have 2 Line accounts”, you now have your answer. Register as many secure and cheap accounts as you want.