How to create a second amazon account

Can i have 2 Amazon accounts

An old recommendation “Don’t drink and drive” has transformed into “Don’t drink and Prime” thanks to Amazon Prime service which can sell you virtually anything. Especially when you don’t know you wanted that. In recent years Amazon has become more and more popular outside of the USA as well, but for some actions many users need multiple Amazon accounts. Especially those who not only buy but also sell on Amazon.

There are several reasons for that:

  • on Amazon a block of an account is not a rare thing, so a second profile would give you instant access to the platform while you’re solving the issues with the support;

  • sometimes it’s beneficial to establish separate business accounts in order to sell different categories of goods or to just separate your business account from the one you use for personal purchases;

  • 2 Amazon accounts give more options for promotion and marketing, and thus more income.

These are just to name a few. In this article we’ll tell you how to add a second account in Amazon in an easy way. Tiger SMS offers a virtual number for registering on Amazon in a country of your choice with almost no cost and effort. Also, we care about your privacy, so we don’t ask for your personal data. Keep your identity protected with our secure service.

How to add multiple account in amazon

In 2023 the best way to protect your privacy online is to use temporary virtual numbers for registering at various services. With a second Amazon account, this is the cheapest and easiest solution. Consider:

  • to receive an SMS at Tiger SMS is much cheaper than buying a new SIM card or a shady pre-created account;

  • registering at Tiger SMS takes only a couple of minutes, while buying a SIM card is almost always a visit to a physical store, not to mention negotiations with the sellers of existing accounts;

  • your account with a virtual number is not going to be any different from an account with a private number. On the other hand, using someone else's account means there’s a history of activity you don’t know and a risk that the previous owner claims it back any minute.

Not all virtual number providers are the same. As we’re talking about your online privacy, it’s worth spending some time and finding the most reliable partner. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re lucky: Tiger SMS is exactly what you need. No matter if you need to create a second Amazon account or a profile on a social network, we guarantee that you’ll receive your verification code, otherwise we’ll return the money. Our other benefits:

  • the cheapest offers on the market of online verification;

  • guaranteed success (in case of an issue with the registration we’ll change your number; payment is only taken after the SMS with the code is received);

  • wide choice of supported platforms: from social applications to online resellers;

  • you can register with a number from almost any country;

  • we accept different payment options (bank cards, e-wallets, crypto) within a secure API;

  • our support agents would solve any issue you might face.

How to create a second amazon account: a simple guide

The whole process to buy a virtual number for 2 Amazon accounts takes just a couple of minutes:

1. Open the Tiger SMS website and create an account (button in the top right of the page). You’ll only need to give us your email address, no other data is needed.

2. Check the list of our offers and find Amazon. By the way, pay attention to other platforms we support. There’s a search so that you don’t waste your time.

3. Under the name of the platform you’ll see the price for the message with a code. Top up your account for this amount and come back to the offer you want.

4. Once you’re ready with your choice, press “Buy” to finalize your purchase.

5. Now open the page “Active phones” and see the virtual number you can now use to create a second Amazon account.