Get a fake phone number for Grindr verification

Bypass Grindr phone verification with a virtual number

There’s no more influential app for gay and bisexual men dating than Grindr. So far, the app has over 10 million users. Obviously, many people prefer anonymity when using dating apps. Nowadays there are no official ways to avoid sharing your personal number, but luckily there are other solutions. The best of them is using a virtual number from Tiger SMS (also known as a fake number for Grindr).

What do Grindr users cherish it for? Its most obvious advantage over Tinder or Badoo is its focus on same-sex male couples. Also:

  • Grindr has convenient search filters;

  • there is a possibility to share pictures in private messages;

  • there are functions for setting up a real-life date.

What is important, the Grindr system analyzes the user’s behavior and makes suggestions accordingly.

Why do people use virtual numbers for Grindr number verification? 

If you’ve never thought about your online privacy, maybe it’s a good moment to do that. Our phone numbers are well connected to our identity, and thus any account verified with your personal number is associated with your real identity, no matter if you want it or not. The least of your problems might be the spam you’ll be getting after sharing your real number. A virtual number, on the contrary, gives you a completely clean account you can use as you wish. All in all, it’s an easy way yo bypass Grindr number verification.

Also, virtual numbers give you the possibility to register as many profiles as you need. It’s a convenient solution for those who want a second account or lost their current one.

How to bypass Grindr phone verification with Tiger SMS: a guide

Using a virtual number for Grindr with Tiger SMS is rather easy. Let us give you some ideas.

1. You start with registration on Tiger SMS. You’ll need an email address and a password; no other data is needed. 

2. The second step is to put some money into your account (you’ll need them to buy a number). We support bank cards, online payment systems and crypto - whatever is better for you. Normally the money appears in your account instantly.

3. On the page of the store choose Grindr fake number (or any other service you want to use). Then choose the country of your number. You’ll see the cost of a single message right next to it. Press “Buy”.

4. Now your number is active, and you can use it when you want. You’ll find it on your personal page under the “Active numbers” heading when you need it for registration.

Get your Grindr SMS, verify your account and keep your privacy with Tiger SMS

Tiger SMS is not just any virtual numbers provider. We take care of our customer privacy as we strongly believe the Internet should be anonymous. Our other benefits include:

  1. The lowest prices on the market. They are already very low for single use, and they go even lower for bulk clients. 

  2. We support a wide choice of platforms, not just Grindr. Check out our offers - maybe something would be useful for you.

  3. Our numbers come from almost any country in the world, so you’ll be able to associate your account with any location.

  4. Simple interface that doesn’t require any effort on your side. Your Grindr verification phone number is going to be ready within a couple of minutes after you open our website.