Buy a virtual phone number for SberMegaMarket

Buying a number for SberMegaMarket

Buying a number for SberMegaMarket

SberMegaMarket is a marketplace that appeared in 2017 with the participation of Sberbank. It is based on the store. The assortment of goods for sale includes everything from electronics and clothing to food products. Despite high competition, the marketplace has managed to carve out a niche in the field of e-commerce.

To make purchases, you need to create an account. Registration requires entering a phone number. Using your own contact is not mandatory. There is a convenient alternative - to buy a number for SberMegaMarket. The "Tiger SMS" website offers great conditions for all interested parties. The cost of a virtual number starts from a few rubles. Purchasing is done in a couple of clicks.

Virtual numbers allow you to register for services anonymously while maintaining maximum data protection and privacy

Why do you need a virtual number for SberMegaMarket

Why not use a real contact that is attached to a physical carrier in the form of a SIM card? Here you can highlight several reasons.

First of all, most people have 1-2 numbers. If they are used up, then obtaining additional ones just for shopping at the marketplace will be inefficient. A virtual number for SberMegaMarket allows you to receive SMS via the Internet. Among the additional benefits, complete anonymity is noted. There is no need to provide passport details for registration or deal with other difficulties. Nothing binds the number and the person.

There is an opportunity to buy a large number of contacts. This is especially important when massively registering accounts for promotion or boosting. Such events are indispensable for increasing sales and increasing trust in the store or a particular product.

Get free starting Bonus from SberMegaMarket!

It has already been said about the need for anonymity or the inability to use your own phone. These are far from all the reasons to use the service of virtual numbers. Competition with Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market and other online stores is becoming stronger. The availability of loyalty programs and subscriptions does not contribute to the transition to another seller. For this reason, the scheme of attracting customers with starting bonuses is often used.\

New customers get a promo code for a large discount. It can be up to 20%-30% for the first order. Additionally, there are special offers with cashback that refund part of the money from purchases at the end of the month. Most users use such a scheme once, but it can be applied on a regular basis.

A virtual phone number for SberMegaMarket allows you to create a new profile. The starting bonuses of the system are much "tastier" than the loyalty program. As for the time spent, the process of purchasing a number and registering an account takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Virtual numbers are an excellent solution for registering multiple accounts to take advantage of promotions and bonuses while maintaining anonymity. Let me know if you have any other questions about purchasing a virtual number for SberMegaMarket registration or using it efficiently. 

How to buy a number for SMS from SberMegaMarket

The instructions look like this:

  1. We open the registration window on the "Tiger SMS" website. The task is to create an account, since it gives access to the full functionality (buying numbers, receiving SMS and more). The standard method is to use an email address. You can create an account in one click by importing data from VK, Telegram, Facebook or Google.

  2. We top up the account with the required amount using one of the offered payment systems.

  3. Now we can buy a phone number for SberMegaMarket. First we indicate the service, then we choose the country. It is by no means necessary to find the item in a list of hundreds of positions. It is enough to partially or fully enter the name in the search line for the system to display matches.

  4. We go to the payment page where we confirm the purchase.

A virtual number for SberMegaMarket becomes available to us. It is available in the "Active numbers" section and can be activated at any convenient time.

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