Buy Microsoft verification code phone number from Tiger SMS

Buy your Microsoft phone number verification

Buy your Microsoft phone number verification

Microsoft is the IT monster of the 21st century. One can hardly go without using at least some of their products either for work or for personal purposes. If you're an experienced Microsoft user, you’ve probably gotten used to their prying privacy policy.

Presently their policy has become even worse with the introduction of mandatory accounts. This means in order to use any of Microsoft products (Skype, OneDrive, Xbox, Office, etc.) you need to have a Microsoft account.

However, don’t hurry to share your number with a monster of a company. There’s a way to receive SMS online (Microsoft can’t see the difference) instead of providing your real number. Buy a virtual number for a Microsoft account at Tiger SMS and don’t worry about your privacy anymore.

Who are the Tiger SMS’ customers?

  1. People who need a separate account for business or personal use.

  2. People who need several accounts for promotion activities.

  3. People whose account got banned or was lost in some other way.

How do I change the Microsoft verification phone number? 

This necessity to use an account for the whole range of products can feel rather intrusive. It’s quite clear why MS chose this way (in order to tie the user to as many products in their ecosystem as possible), however for us, the users, it’s just the end of any possible privacy and deprivation of choice.

All these reasons lead to more and more people looking for loopholes. However, we do not recommend turning to some shady solutions - do your Microsoft phone number verification with a virtual number and get a completely legit account with no risk. It’s also an option if you want to change your number and need a new secure solution.

Get a Microsoft verification code phone number with Tiger SMS

At Tiger SMS we think that online privacy should be simple and accessible to all. This is why we make sure our website is user-friendly to the point where even a first-time user spends only a couple of minutes to purchase a new number.

Below you’ll find detailed instructions for you to see how simple it is:

1. Register on Tiger SMS to have a personal page on the platform.

2. Put money into your account (enough to buy a necessary number). You’ll for sure find a convenient payment method we support.

3. On the main page in the list of offers find the one you need to use.

4. Here choose a country to associate your number with and buy the number.

On your personal page, you’ll find all your active numbers and messages with verification codes. It’s really this fast and intuitive. After this, go through the standard registration process at MS. Once you have received the Microsoft verification code at Tiger SMS, confirm your new MS account.

Why choose Tiger SMS for Microsoft phone number verification?

We not only provide fast and reliable service but also give 24/7 online support in case of trouble. Our other advantages include:

  • competitive prices;

  • wide choice of supported platforms and services from all over the world;

  • fast SMS delivery;

  • total anonymity of clients.

Buy your virtual numbers from Tiger SMS and let us take care of the rest!

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