Buy a virtual US phone number

How to get a USA virtual numbers for verification

Since the USA holds one of the most prominent positions in the development of today’s technologies, a US number for receiving SMS can solve many registration issues. You can get an account associated with this country in e-wallets, freelance platforms, social networks, marketplaces and other services. You’re not just getting an anonymous account that cannot be traced to your real personality, but also get a chance to avoid regional blockings.

In order to use a US phone number (fake) you don’t need a phone - you’ll receive your verification code online on our website.

At Tiger SMS you can buy a virtual number from the USA for several cents only, depending on what platform you want to register on. The procedure of buying a number is simple and fast - check it out.

Why do people want to use a virtual US mobile number?

In 2023 the political scene of the world is not a stable one. Many services are only available in certain countries, many others have limited functions. Some of them, while allowed, do not accept foreign numbers for verification. Whatever the reason for the block is, get a virtual US phone number and verify your new account through a reliable platform for just several cents. With Tiger SMS you’ll get a working number in a couple of minutes - it’s as fast to use as your own number.

The second reason to buy a US virtual phone number is that some applications are only available to the citizens of the USA (and are developed for that purpose). So the only way to use them is to register through a local (American) phone number. A virtual number from the US (SMS receive online) is a convenient solution here. Why you should use Tiger SMS:

  • affordable prices;

  • anonymous operations;

  • simple platforms;

  • support of several ways of payment.

From Tiger SMS you can get fake American phone numbers for Telegram, WhatsApp, PayPal, Google, Tinder, Blizzard, Instagram, Amazon, Nike, Naver, POF, Microsoft and virtually any other popular platform. What is more, you can register as many accounts as you need since we always have an endless amount of numbers available.

How to buy a US phone number for SMS verification

Below you’ll find instructions on buying a US phone number to receive SMS. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Create an account on our website Tiger SMS. We will ask for your email so that you can have access to your personal page and buy the number you want to use.

  2. Deposit some money into your account (depending on what numbers you want to use and how many). Use a comfortable payment method (we support Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Google Pay and Apple Pay and cryptocurrency).

  3. Now on the main page find the platform you want to register on and choose the country for your number (a temporary US number for verification, for example, but you can choose any other country as well).

Once you choose the country, you'll see the price for the number of your choice. When ready, press “Buy” and find your new number on your personal page. It’s ready to be used for verification on the platform of your choice.

In this way, you can get a temp US number for verification on any platform and get a secure and reliable account just within several minutes from any location in the world.

How to get a US number for verification for free?

You might have seen certain websites offering a fake US phone number for otp or iOs for free as a part of their promo campaign etc. Why not use it, then? The thing is, it’s not all as good as it sounds, and here is why:

  1. Speed: since the Internet is full of such promotions, you’ll have to spend a lot of time looking for one that’s working at the moment and filtering the ones that never worked in the first place. While getting a number from Tiger SMS only costs several cents - hardly a price for hours of your time.

  2. Security: Tiger SMS cares about the data of its customers and makes sure it will never end up in the wrong hands. Leaving any info on a shady website offering free numbers is rather risky.

  3. Large database of numbers: Tiger SMS always has a US number for the verification code available to use on any platform you need - just find it on our main page and buy in one click. Free numbers are usually available for certain platforms only.

So, what’s better: paying a couple of cents for a reliable number or surfing the Internet in vain for hours?