Get a phone number for Google verification

How to get a virtual phone number for Google verification

Even though one could find an alternative for pretty much all Google services, using multiple different platforms is obviously much less comfortable than having a single account for the whole ecosystem. Also, many of their services are either free or very cheap, so many competitors can’t really offer any interesting solutions. However, one needs a number for Google verification and if you’re not willing to share your personal number it could be an issue. Luckily, there’s always an option: buy a virtual number for Google from Tiger SMS.

Even if you’re only setting up one account, keeping your privacy is important. Sharing your personal phone number with a huge corporation and advertisement giant might not be the wisest option.

Who uses virtual numbers for verification?

  • Businessmen who need several accounts.

  • Internet users are wary of their online privacy.

  • People who want to protect themselves from scam and unwanted mail.

  • People who lost their current account for some reason.

All these concerns can be easily solved by using a virtual phone number. Google and many other services offer more functionality for verified users, but it doesn’t mean you should compromise your privacy for that. Register with a virtual number and use all the platforms you need safely.

How to make Google number verification with Tiger SMS

We at Tiger SMS believe that privacy should be available even to the least experienced users, so we made our platform infinitely clear and user-friendly. The procedure to buy a virtual number (Google or any other platform) is fast and simple, requiring virtually several clicks to finalize. Just within a couple of minutes, you’ll get a number ready to be used for registrations where you need it. 

Have a look at this short guide on registration if you’re still not sure. Just 7 simple steps:

1.  Register on Tiger SMS to enter your personal page. 

2.  Top up your account on our site to be able to pay for the numbers you need fast and in a convenient way.

3.  Find the list of offers on our main page and look for “Google virtual numbers” there. Specify the country for your virtual number and buy it.

4.  The number is shown on your personal page. Copy it in and start registering at Google.

5.  After several steps you’ll get to the phone number verification. Use your new number.

6.  On your personal page on Tiger SMS press “Get SMS code” for the number you’re now using.

7.  The message with the code will come to the same page. Now you can confirm your new account and finalize your registration.

In this way, you get a fully functional account with no limitations. Just as if you used your real number. What is more, it’s anonymous, so you can reveal as much personal information as you feel like. Mind that, unless other considerations are applicable, it’s wise to use the number from the country you’re located in. In this way, your actual location would match your account and you won’t attract unnecessary attention from the security system.

As you can see, the registration on Google (you receive SMS online) is very fast and clear. Whenever you need a fake number for any platform, come to Tiger SMS and get it within several minutes. For those who want to use a new feature called Google Voice, we wrote a special article explaining how to get it done in the most efficient way from any place in the world. Check it out.

Why use an online phone number for Google verification?

If you haven’t used a virtual number for verification yet, you might be asking why people opt for this variant. However, after you start valuing your privacy and using temporary numbers for registrations, you won’t want to get back to using your real number. An active user has to provide his contacts way too often in the online world, and it’s time to take care of how much you reveal online.

What are the reasons to use a virtual Google phone number? there are several:

  • an account set up with such number is anonymous and cannot be traced to you unless that’s what you want;

  • this account doesn’t gather too much of your information so you won’t have to deal with promotional spam too much;

  • if you’re working in marketing and promotion, ban of your accounts is a common thing. Using virtual numbers is a cheap and fast solution when in need to create new accounts on a regular basis;

  • we keep the lowest prices on the market to make sure you don’t have to consider the price when looking for a secure solution for your privacy.