Get OpenAI chatbot account

Buy an OpenAI account

Buy an OpenAI account

A young but intensively growing service ChatGPT is a worldwide hit of 2023. Millions of people want to talk to an artificial mind. However, all OpenAI accounts require phone number verification, and many people are not willing to share their personal contacts online. Especially while dealing with powerful artificial intelligence. 

Many people (especially those who live in places where OpenAI is not available officially) think that the only way not to provide your real number is to buy an OpenAI GPT account. However, it’s not the best and not even the cheapest method. Buy a virtual number for verification from Tiger SMS and use a secure and reliable account on OpenAI for just several cents. It’s effortless - you’ll just use the virtual number instead of your personal one and get your code online. You can use such numbers for registration on any online services - social media, messengers or delivery platforms. Keep your privacy for just a couple of cents.

On Tiger SMS you’ll find the most reliable numbers from any part of the world, and for very attractive prices.

Register an OpenAI account with Tiger SMS

Less and less people trust online services regarding keeping their personal data private. If you’re one of them, opt for verifying your accounts with virtual numbers. To get a GPT OpenAI account, buy a temporary number from Tiger SMS. With us, all your data is going to be completely safe. Some other advantages of using a virtual number are:

  1. Good prices (compared to getting a real SIM card it’s almost for free);

  2. Time efficiency (buying a virtual number takes a couple of minutes maximum);

  3. Responsible treatment of your data (we ask for a bare minimum of your info and keep it all private).

With Tiger SMS you can have as many OpenAI accounts as you need. We make sure your registration is successful and we also offer:

  • the lowest prices on the market;

  • big choice of supported platforms for verification;

  • lots of available numbers for any service;

  • special offers for bulk customers;

  • fast service and friendly support team.

How to get an OpenAI chatbot account with a virtual number

Important note first: before you buy a virtual number, check the current list of countries where OpenAI is available. Your future OpenAI account is going to be associated with the country of your virtual number, so you don’t want to accidentally buy a number from a country where you can’t use it. If you happen to live in one of those countries, don’t forget to also use a VPN. 

When you’re ready, take the following steps:

  1. Register on Tiger SMS through your email;

  2. Find OpenAI in the catalog of numbers and choose the country;

  3. Check the price for a verification SMS and put the needed amount onto your account. You can pay with any bank card, crypto or online payment system.

  4. Finalize the purchase of the number you want to use. Then go to your personal page and find your new number in the section labeled “Active numbers”.

  5. Open the main page of the chatbot and start registering. Again, don’t forget a VPN if necessary. Once you’re asked for the phone number, paste the one you bought from Tiger SMS. Come back to your Tiger account and click “Get SMS code” by the number you’re now using. When you get the code, use it to verify your GPT OpenAI account.

For every new account, you just need to repeat the same procedure. Remember, we support hundreds of other platforms you might be interested in.

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