Buy a fake phone number for grindr verification

How to get a virtual phone number for Grindr verification

With over 10 million users, there’s no better dating app for gay and bisexual men than Grindr. However, the app requires phone number verification in order to use it, which is something many people are not comfortable with. If you want to know how to verify a Grindr account without a phone number, check out Tiger SMS.

Why is Grindr so popular when there are monsters like Tinder or Badoo? Here are several reasons:

  • it’s targeted specifically at gay or bisexual men;

  • you can apply filters when looking for a partner;

  • there’s an option to send pictures in private messages;

  • it has a special feature to set up real-life meetings.

One of the most interesting aspects is inbuilt behavioral analysis: the platform learns your likes and offers partners who you’re more likely to find interesting.

Free phone number for Grindr verification: why do people use virtual numbers?

Since everyone has a phone number these days, what’s the point of paying for verification numbers online? If you’ve never considered this as an option before, here are several ideas to think about. The main reason to opt for online Grindr number verification is privacy: many users don’t want to give their real number to a huge dating platform. Leaks of personal data are something that happens even to the most protected platforms, so why risk your privacy when it only costs a couple of cents?

The second most popular reason to use a free Grindr verification number is to set up a second profile (in case you just want to use two pages or lose access to your current page).

Registering on Grindr: verify an account phone number with Tiger SMS

How exactly do you get a virtual number? Here is a short guide:

1. Register on Tiger SMS through email. It’s a fast and safe procedure: you only need access to your personal page in order to control your virtual numbers.

2. Top up your balance in order to be able to pay for the number or numbers you’re using.

3. We support various payment options: Visa/MasterCard, Google Pay/Apple Pay or crypto. Wait until you see money in your account (normally it’s an instant procedure).

4. Open our main page and scroll or search through the list of supported platforms. Once you find Grindr, choose this one and press the name of the country from where you want your number. You’ll see the price for a verification message at this step as well. When you’re ready, press "Buy".

Now your Grindr verification number is available on your personal page and you can use it whenever you want.

Why is Tiger SMS the best platform for buying a fake number for Grindr?

If you wonder how to bypass Grindr verification, Tiger SMS is the best solution for your privacy concerns. Why? Here are several benefits our customers enjoy:

  1. Attractive prices (even more so for bulk customers).

  2. Large choice of supported platforms: not just Grindr but virtually any social media, marketplace, taxi app, you name it.

  3. Big database of numbers from almost any country of the world.

  4. Clear procedures of purchase: even your first time dealing with us will be simple and fast.

  5. Anonymous service: we try to take as little of your data as we can, and we do our best to protect it.

  6. Fast operation: your message will arrive on our website as fast as it would on your private number (or even faster).

  7. Extensive FAQ article where you can find answers to any of your questions.