Get eBay verification phone number from Tiger SMS

Buy a virtual phone number for eBay

Buy a virtual phone number for eBay

Selling the things you don’t want anymore is good not only for your wallet but also for the environment. And arguably the best platform for that is eBay. From a little niche web page, it has developed into a huge corporation, governing the market in many countries. 

eBay has numerous unique features including communication with sellers and managing your sales platform. Naturally, many people use it not only for selling stuff but for promoting new products and services. However, in order to use the platform one needs to verify his account. How do I get an eBay phone number? From Tiger SMS, for sure. But let’s not hurry.

Why is a virtual number a good solution when registering on eBay? There are several main reasons:

  1. To promote a brand or a product while being able to talk with potential customers and buyers.

  2. To use individual accounts for your business and your personal activity (it’s sometimes not a good idea to use a work profile for buying personal stuff).

  3. To use the platform in case you lost your account due to a block or some other scenarios.

Since eBay has millions of individual users, who are here to buy things already, it’s a powerful marketing tool. Don’t underestimate it. We recommend buying your eBay verification phone number from a reliable source, like Tiger SMS. 

There are several considerations to take into account:

  • Use virtual numbers if you need several accounts for strong marketing campaigns;

  • Set up a separate page for business;

  • Look through forums and discussions;

  • Get access to the platform after you lose your current account.

How do I get a phone number for eBay from Tiger SMS?

Tiger SMS boasts an incredibly clear and simple platform, allowing customers to get their virtual numbers within several minutes. Even though it’s simple, below you’ll find a complete guide on how to get an eBay member phone number from Tiger SMS. Have a look at how fast the procedure is.

This is how you proceed:

1. Set up a personal page on Tiger SMS to be able to control the numbers you’re using.

2. Top up your balance on our service to pay for the numbers (we accept several payment systems for the convenience of our users).

3. Look through the list of offers and find the platforms you want to register on. Choose the country for your number and press “Buy”.

4. Now your number is available on your personal page - copy it and start registering on eBay through their standard procedure.

After you go through registration, you’ll be able to verify your phone number on eBay online. The code will arrive instantly so you won’t put your new clean account at risk. As you can see, it’s fast and simple.

Why is Tiger SMS the best provider of virtual numbers?

We strongly believe the Internet should have a place for privacy, so that’s what we provide and that’s exactly how we operate. 

Why our customers choose us:

  • Our services are cheap. In 2023 nobody is too rich to waste money, and with us, you’ll see that even privacy can be something to save on.

  • Fast service. We have the fastest procedures compared to our competitors. With us, your new number is going to be ready for registration just within several minutes. No time investment is involved.

  • Secure numbers: any of our numbers are only used once on a certain platform. There’s no chance that the number you’re getting is already in use on this service.

  • Anonymous operation. We make sure the very little data we collect is absolutely safe with us. There’s no chance your activity on your new account can be traced to you through us.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get an eBay member phone number, now you have a detailed guide. Don’t negotiate your privacy and use the best services available online!

Alexei Volkov
Author: Alexei Volkov

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