Buy a fake phone number for Discord verification

Buy a virtual phone number for Discord online

Buy a virtual phone number for Discord online

Discord is a growing but already very popular communication platform. The registration is fast and simple and normally causes no issues for new users. However, the necessity to provide a phone number in order to verify a new account is rather an important inconvenience. Are you one of the people who look for a way to register anonymously? Buy your virtual number for Discord at Tiger SMS.

Why would you not want to register with your real phone number? There are several reasons:

  • With an anonymous account you don’t have to worry about unwanted messages.

  • When you need several accounts, virtual numbers are the cheapest and most reliable option.

  • An anonymous account doesn’t let online services collect data about your identity without your wish.

For those who use Discord for marketing and promotion purposes, multiple accounts are a necessity. Get your fake phone number for Discord verification at Tiger SMS and don’t look for dubious solutions any longer.

Discord verification number: get your code online instantly 

At Tiger SMS we care about fast and efficient service, we want our customers to not waste even a minute and surely not to dig into difficult algorithms in order to register an account. Our website is fully automated and user-friendly - the whole process would only take you a couple of moments and several clicks. 

Let us tell you about it step by step (even though there are just 3 steps):

1. Register on Tiger SMS using your email.

2. Top up your account to buy the number you want (we support several payment options).

3. Open our virtual number store and find Discord in the list of offers. Choose the country for your verification number and press “Buy”.

Your new temp phone number for discord verification is instantly displayed on your personal page. Copy it and proceed with the registration on the platform. 

Tiger SMS: receive SMS online (Discord or any other service of your choice) fast and for cheap

Our streamlined platform and clear operation are not the only advantages of Tiger SMS. No matter if you need one account or a hundred - you’ll get secure and reliable service for just several cents. A couple more words about us:

  • Our prices stay the lowest on the market.

  • Verification codes are delivered instantly, so no worries about your new account.

  • The widest choice of supported platforms.

At Tiger SMS you’ll find solutions to any of your verification issues. Don’t negotiate on your online privacy - let Tiger SMS help you with that.

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