Buy a fake number on WhatsApp

Buy a virtual number for WhatsApp to pass SMS verification

Buy a virtual number for WhatsApp to pass SMS verification

Incredible, but with years passing by WhatsApp only becomes more popular and conquers new markets. The number of its users passed a billion, so its decline is not foreseen in any near future. Obviously, with such popularity of the application, the demand for a fake WhatsApp number generator is also on the rise.

But what are the reasons to register with a virtual number?

  • If you already have a personal profile but need a separate one for business.

  • When you need numerous accounts for marketing and promotions.

  • When you just care about your online privacy and don’t want to go sharing your personal phone number everywhere.

The easiest way to get a virtual phone number for WhatsApp is Tiger SMS. Discover how to use our service below.

How to create a WhatsApp account with a fake number at Tiger SMS

Even though our website is very easy to use, and we put a lot of effort into making it intuitive, we still want to describe the whole process to you. It might be helpful to people who have never bought a virtual mobile number for WhatsApp before.

1. When using Tiger SMS for the first time, you have to register on our platform. This is easily done through your email.

2. Next step is to top up your account to be able to buy virtual numbers. We accept various payment systems so it’s rarely a problem.

3. Now that you have money on your account, open the store of our offers and find the service you want to register at (WhatsApp, for example). Then choose a country for your virtual number.

If you’re worried about how to use WhatsApp with a fake number, we can assure you that your account is not going to be any different from an account with a real number. And what is more, you can have as many of them as you need. So, once you have your virtual number, open WhatsApp and start a standard registration procedure.

1. Open an application on a phone or a computer.

2. Type in your fake phone number for WhatsApp where required.

3. Go to your personal page at Tiger SMS and check your verification message from WhatsApp. Normally, the message comes instantly, but sometimes some external issues might make you wait a bit.

4. Use the code to verify your account. Now it’s ready to be used.

What are the advantages of a fake mobile number for WhatsApp over buying an existing account?

The market is now full of offers for second-hand WhatsApp accounts. However, this solution has several serious drawbacks that make it questionable.

  1. The main thing is that an account with unknown history might risk being blocked at any moment, so you’ll lose whatever you paid for it (which is normally not cheap).

  2. Consequently, here’s a second drawback: existing accounts are expensive.

  3. The last thing: you never have full control over this account and its previous owner can get it back any time, vanishing with your money.

Overall, it’s a very unsafe and expensive option, not ever comparable to registering with a clean fake mobile number for WhatsApp.

What are the advantages of Tiger SMS?

Our main purpose is to protect your privacy while offering you a simple and affordable solution. We made sure the process is understandable and fast and you have the best user experience you could wish for.

We support hundreds of online services, so you don’t have to compromise your safety anywhere. Have a look at the full list on our site. Also:

  • Our service is fast and automatic. You’ll be an owner of a phone number for WhatsApp verification within a couple of minutes.

  • Our platform is absolutely secure. All your data is never shared with any third parties, so there’s no way your account anywhere can be connected to the number generator.

  • No delays: verification messages are instantly delivered on the website.

And the last one but not the least: our offers are very cheap. A virtual phone number for WhatsApp costs just a couple of cents and you’ll hardly notice that as any substantial sum of money for your budget. However, the perks are numerous. Use Tiger SMS and don’t worry about scammers anymore!
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