Buy a fake number for VK

Buy a virtual number for VK

VK is currently one of the most popular social platforms in Europe and Asia. The majority of its 500 million users come from ex-Soviet countries. The platform offers numerous additional on-site services and products which are widely used by people.

Upon registering on VK you’ll need to reveal your phone number in order to receive a verification code. For many people, it is not a problem as they have trust in the platform, but more and more people these days want to protect their identity online or have other reasons not to use their real phone number.

Why use a fake number for VK registration?

  1. Social media is one of the most important ways of marketing.
  2. Many businesses use in-built VK services and promotional programs. We will tell you how to register at VK with the help of a virtual number from our platform.
  3. Many users need an additional account for communication or marketing, so it’s also a good solution instead of getting a separate SIM card.

Get a fake number for VK at Tiger SMS and receive your code online

Our platform supports registration at many popular platforms, however VK remains one of the most used ones. We came up with a special offer for VK users who want to keep their anonymity or create multiple marketing profiles.

A guide on how to register at VK via our platform:

1. Open the main page of Tiger SMS and register on our platform.

2. Deposit the necessary amount of money to your account.

3. Go to the service page and choose the offer you want to use. 

4. Choose a country for your virtual phone number (we also offer local options in CIS and Asian countries).

5. Choose a mobile provider and press ‘buy”.

Your new number is going to be displayed at your personal page on Tiger SMS. As soon as you go through the registration process at VK, the verification code will be instantly shown next to your number, and you can use it right away. We offer the most reliable and fast solutions on the market.

How to choose the best platform to buy a virtual number for VK

When considering what platform to choose for keeping your privacy at VK or any other SaaS resource, go with the most reliable one. We provide the biggest choice of services and solutions, and we take care about your personal data. Our service is the best way to keep your identity from being revealed online.

Several advantages of Tiger SMS:

  • Competitive prices: our offers start at only $0.049.

  • Instant message delivery, support of multiple messages simultaneously.

  • Secure SMS delivery with a very low rate of failure: be sure your registration won’t expire.

  • We protect any of the data we receive from you and never reveal it to the third parties.

  • Our platform is easy and convenient to use.

We do believe in online anonymity and our main goal is to help our clients keep their identities secret whenever they wish so. Use our services and be sure about what part of your info you’re revealing online.