Get a virtual number for 1xbet

Buy a virtual number for 1xbet

Buy a virtual number for 1xbet

A relatively old and successful bookmaking platform 1xbet is one of the most popular in its sphere. Since 2007 you can make bets on various sports events there. They offer convenient payout and rather high coefficients, both of which makes people look for a way to buy a fake number for 1xbet.

1xbet requires account verification as a part of a standard procedure, so you cannot do without using a phone number at all. In case you don’t want to give them your own, a virtual number is your only stable option.

This is especially necessary when registering many accounts on a platform. Buying a SIM card for every account is an expensive and troublesome way to verify your accounts. Instead, get a virtual number 1xbet and verify all your accounts online. Buy your number for 1xbet from Tiger SMS for several cents.

Use a 1xbet number to receive SMS for a new user bonus

One of the most popular reasons to use a virtual number 1xbet is to register new accounts in order to use a promotion offer: every new verified account gets a bonus from the platform. Some of the bonus examples in 2023 in Singapore are:

  1. Sports. A new user can get up to 160 Singapore dollars for betting when depositing their first money into the platform.

  2. Casino and online games. New verified accounts can get 150 free spins and anywhere up to €1500.

You’re offered this choice while verifying your account and cannot change your decision after you enter the verification code.

How to buy 1xbet number for otp or iOs with Tiger SMS

Below you’ll find a simple guide on how to buy a virtual number for 1xbet at Tiger SMS. Follow these several steps:

1. Start with registration on Tiger SMS with an email to be able to use your numbers and receive verification codes.

2. Now from your personal page top up your account to pay for the numbers you want to use.

3. Choose any payment method from the list: Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Apple Pay, crypto or other. Check the commission and proceed once sure. The funds appear on your account instantly.

4. In the list of offers, find a virtual number for 1xbet and choose the country for your number (for example, Singapore or any other country you’re interested in). Now you’ll see the price for the verification code. Once ready with your choice, press “Buy”.

Your number is now ready to be used - find it on your personal page. As you can see, getting a number with Tiger SMS is fast, simple, and cheap.

What are the advantages to getting a number 1xbet for verification from Tiger SMS?

Tiger SMS cares about its clients and their privacy. There are many benefits compared to competitor’s platforms, like:

  • the lowest prices on the market;

  • reliable database with only working functional numbers;

  • anonymous mode of work on the platform;

  • clear interface where buying a number is fast even for the first-timers.

Buy a fake number for 1xbet from Tiger SMS and be sure about the privacy of your account.

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