How to Buy a Vinted phone number

Buy a Vinted phone number at the lowest price

The Vinted marketplace is a development of a Lithuanian company launched in 2010. Now you can use the application in many countries, as the platform attracted investments and entered the international market. Do you need to buy a Vinted verify phone number? The service offers its customers favorable conditions for cooperation.

Why do you need to buy a Vinted registration number?

What is the reason for creating a profile on this trading platform? Vinted has essential features in comparison with other competitors:

  • a secure transaction system to protect the buyer and seller;

  • the ability to sell not only clothes but also other items (accessories, goods for kids, etc.);

  • suitable rating system;

  • guarantee within two days after the transaction.

Vinted numbers for registration will let you create an account for diverse purposes. It could be selling personal items or running a small business.

How to buy a phone number for Vinted - detailed instructions

Phones from a large number of countries are available on the site. The acquisition process is as easy as possible.

1. Register a profile in the Tiger SMS service. An email address is needed. You can import data from a social network (Instagram, Facebook, VK) to make the process even faster.

2. After authorization, you need to replenish the balance. Choose one of the suggested replenishment options.

3. Now, you can buy a phone number for Vinted UK. First, go to the store, where a field for selecting data is available. In the left column, we indicate the service (Vinted) and the country in the right column. We can click the "buy" button when the choice is made.

4. Open the start page, where we enter the purchased Vinted phone number in the appropriate field. Remember to include the country code from the list if it's different.

7. We return to the "Tiger SMS" site to receive the Vinted code sms.  press the "Get SMS" button. Copy the resulting numbers and paste them into the Vinted registration window. Vinted phone number verification is considered completed.

Why is it profitable to buy a Vinted phone number UK from Tiger SMS?

The service is developed taking into account user requests. There are some distinct advantages:

  • affordable pricing policy;

  • a large selection of virtual numbers;

  • user anonymity;

  • offers from more than 260 countries of the world;

  • instant receipt of SMS with a code;

  • a wide range of services;

  • simple and user-friendly interface.

You can buy a Vinted phone number UK in a few clicks. If you have any questions, visit the FAQ section or ask the manager a question via the feedback form.