Get Twitch phone number verification from Tiger SMS

Buy a Twitch verified phone number from Tiger SMS

Twitch is not just a platform with gaming content, but also a way to earn money for many users. Obviously, quite a lot of people find it useful to have several accounts. However, if your number is already in use, you might face an issue while verifying a new account. Buy a virtual number for Twitch from Tiger SMS and verify your account within a couple of minutes.

Why do people want several accounts?

  • In order to get on the platform when the current account is blocked or lost.

  • To earn more from video streaming;

  • To use special marketing strategies for content promotion.


If you share these or other considerations, you would be interested in using Tiger SMS on Twitch to verify a phone number. Our platform offers virtual numbers for registration at various services for cheap. Our clients also like the following advantages:

  • you can register as many accounts as you need (on Twitch or any other popular platform);

  • we allow you to choose a country for virtual numbers, which is often important;

  • we support several payment systems for your convenience;

  • our website is clear and understandable, so the whole procedure of using a virtual number only takes several minutes.

Guide: how do I buy a virtual number for Twitch verification at Tiger SMS?

Using Tiger SMS is very simple and fast. See the instruction below - how get phone number for Twitch verification.

  1. Register at Tiger SMS with the help of email. Your account would give you access to your active numbers.

  2. On the main page find the list of offers. Here choose the location for your number and check the price.

  3. If necessary - put more money into your account to buy a number.

  4. Come back to the offer and buy the number you need. Click the “Buy” button and go find your new number on your personal page. 


Use the number to receive the Twitch verification code (texts come to your personal page) and verify your account.