Buy a phone number for PayPal verification

Buy a virtual number for PayPal verification

In 2023 PayPal stays one of the most used alternatives to banking systems in the world. Even though in the past years PayPal went through several big hits to its reputation, it remains an extremely popular way of payment and money transfers globally.

PayPal is a relatively cheap and secure way to pay for goods and services online, as well as to send money to friends and family worldwide. However, if you care about your privacy online, you might face the need to find a PayPal number verification bypass.

What are the reasons to use a PayPal fake phone number authentication? There are several arguments for using a virtual phone number for PayPal verification:

  • When one needs a separate PayPal account for his business to receive payments or pay salaries to freelancers. It is often beneficial to separate personal finances from business money to have better control. 

  • No matter if you receive frequent small payments or occasional large transfers, receiving business money to your private wallet can be risky for your account, so in order not to have issues with PayPal security system it is better to have a separate business account. 

  • Even when you register your first and only PayPal account, think about taking care of your privacy online. A personal phone number is a valuable piece of your data, so it’s worth protecting it from scammers and spammers.

PayPal not only uses your phone number to confirm your identity, but also to secure access to your account. Also, as a financial platform, PayPal takes its security seriously. They have to fight with scammers, illegal business schemes and money-laundering. So, naturally, your account cannot be totally anonymous.

Consequently, a phone number is a must for a PayPal user. The platform cares who use their services as safety is their main concern while giving people access to financial operations on a global scale. Which is not good news for someone who is concerned about his privacy online.

In 2023 the Internet is not a very safe place. Freely providing one’s personal phone number at various online resources poses danger to privacy and exposes one to various scamming techniques which are now plenty online. Thus, a conflict arises: the user’s desire to keep his privacy vs. corporations’ desire to know as much about their customers as possible. Your data is their profit. What is the solution then? You can buy a temporary number for PayPal verification.

Buy a fake phone number for paypal verification at Tiger SMS

At Tiger SMS we know that time is the most valuable thing. Even though many resources now sell virtual phone numbers for registrations, the whole process is often complicated and time-consuming. There are way too many useless steps and irrelevant actions and it scares off many customers.

We know that a user looking for a virtual number for PayPal does not have time to waste. Our goal is to make the whole process as straightforward as possible, so we got rid of any nonessential actions. Buy a fake phone number for PayPal verification in 4 simple steps:

  • Open Tiger SMS website and create an account on our platform.

  • Top up your balance using a convenient payment method.

  • Go to the services page and choose PayPal, then choose the country of your virtual number.

  • Press “Buy” and see the number instantly on your personal page. Your PayPal fake number is ready to use.

Having bought a virtual number, you can instantly proceed to registering your PayPal account without any time to waste. Our service is all about time efficiency and convenience. We care about your privacy and offer reliable and safe solutions no matter what your purposes are.

What are the advantages of Tiger SMS?

Even though PayPal is considered a secure platform all over the world, let’s not forget that presently any online company fights the anonymity of its users. Using a fake number for PayPal verification is one of the ways to save your identity from unnecessary exposure online. Also, having numerous accounts help control your business better and more efficiently.

Using an online platform for verification SMS from various platforms is affordable and convenient. But there are so many offers on the market now! How to choose your provider? Tiger SMS offers:

  • Affordable prices. If you need one number, you would barely notice the price. If you’re looking for bulk solutions, we’ll make sure your strategy would be cheap and instant. With us you can save even on the most important things.

  • A wide choice of countries for virtual numbers. Make sure you get the most suitable number for your needs as it is often a very important aspect.

  • Online customer support that would solve any issue should that arise. Our specialists are always there to help or answer your questions, you can totally count on them.

  • Secure service. We provide only “clean” phone numbers which were never used for PayPal number verification before. You can be totally sure you will not face any problems in the process of registering your PayPal wallet and thus would not attract unwanted attention from the security system.

  • fast solutions. As we said before, time is crucial. Your virtual number would be instantly ready for use and the verification code would arrive within seconds. With us your PayPal registration won’t be much longer, but for sure will be much safer!

We guarantee you’ll be happy if you entrust Tiger SMS with your privacy concerns!