How to get a number for google voice from only $0.031

How to get a new number for Google Voice

There’s no more powerful tech company than Google. Whatever sphere you’re working in, an account on Google is indispensable. Even for private life and communication one needs at least several Google services. Google Voice is a new but already popular feature - it lets a user gather all his phone numbers in one place. At present full functionality of Google Voice is only accessible to users from the USA, so many people are now looking for US numbers to verify Google Voice. Get your US virtual number from Tiger SMS right now.

Why do people from all over the world want to have access to this service? The primary function of Google Voice is to bring together all the user’s phone numbers, as well as:

  • to make free voice calls and messages (currently only in the USA);

  • to provide cheap phone calls abroad (for as low as $0.01 a minute!);

  • to filter out unwanted calls (convenient blacklists and an opportunity to listen to the caller before picking up the phone);

  • to organize the numbers of your contacts;

  • to send and receive messages online;

  • to convert messages from voicemail into text.

There are tons of other useful features. The only downside is that at the moment you can’t do without a US phone number for verification. With Tiger SMS you can get a temporary phone number for Google Voice verification very fast and for cheap. 

Our other advantages include:

  • the lowest prices for a number to verify Google Voice on the market;

  • guaranteed reception of your SMS code (in a rare case of an issue we will provide you with another number);

  • almost endless amount of numbers for verification (not only for Google Voice);

  • convenient platform where you can buy a number within just a few clicks;

  • friendly support chat.

How to buy a Google Voice number online with Tiger SMS

Taking into account that full functionality is available to users from the USA, it’s rather reasonable to buy US numbers to verify Google Voice.  Below is how you do that:

1. Register on the Tiger SMS platform with your email;

2. In our list of offers find Google voice and choose the USA as a country of number’s origin. Have a look at what other services we support (that might be interesting to you as well);

3. Now you’ll see the price for the verification message. This is the amount you’ll need to put into your account;

4. Top up your account through a preferred method (we support several for your convenience) and proceed to buy the number (or numbers) you need;

5. Get back to the offer of a virtual phone number Google Voice and press “Buy” to get a virtual number. It’s now displayed on your personal page and is ready to be used;

6. Copy the number and start registering at Google voice!

In this way, you can set up as many accounts as you need - all of them totally secure and fully functional.