Get a virtual number for Didi

Buy a number for Didi for verification

Buy a number for Didi for verification

Didi is a popular taxi service, and as is the case with many similar services, you need to pass phone number verification in order to use it. If you want to keep your personal phone number private, your solution is to buy a virtual phone number from Tiger SMS. In this way, you’ll be able to receive your verification message online and avoid tying your real identity to a taxi service. Also, it’s a convenient method for those who want to have several accounts on this platform or use new-user discounts (as many times as you wish).

Tiger SMS is a simple and clear platform where you can buy virtual numbers for registration virtually anywhere. How exactly do you buy a fake number for Didi? Follow these easy steps:

1. Register on Tiger SMS with email (it’s absolutely secure with us);

2. Top up your account: from it you will be paying for your numbers. We support several ways of payment;

3. Open the main page and in the list of platforms find Didi (use the search bar if necessary). Choose the country for your number and press “Buy”;

After you get a virtual number for Didi, you can simply register on the app. If you need a detailed guide for this procedure, have a look at our blog. Your verification code comes to your personal page on Tiger SMS.

Why do people choose Tiger SMS?

If you need a Didi number to receive an SMS with the verification code, Tiger SMS is the most convenient platform. What is more, it’s cheap and reliable. Your new account on Didi will be absolutely clean and as secure as if you used your own number. The message comes instantly, and you don’t risk anything.

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