Get your Uber verification phone number from Tiger SMS

Buy a fake phone number for Uber

Buy a fake phone number for Uber
Uber has revolutionized taxi services all over the world. No need to look for a taxi phone number in a new city or struggle with a phone call in a different language. No matter where you are, a couple of clicks in a mobile app get you going. In some areas, Uber completely substituted usual taxi services (for better or worse). Even though you don’t have to call anyone to get a car, you still need a phone number to verify your Uber account.

Why are people looking for a fake number for Uber? The reason is rather simple: online and real privacy. Now it’s not just an issue of your personal data, but also of the information about where and when you go. Not many people are willing to share that, and we can totally understand this. Verify your Uber account at Tiger SMS and make sure nobody can trace your data from the app to your real identity.

Who and why uses virtual numbers for Uber?

For drivers, this option is unavailable as they need a constant connection. However, customers just need to verify their new account, and this is done on our website within a couple of minutes. What are our clients’ considerations?

  1. Sometimes a user needs a new account after getting an undesired score on the previous one.

  2. Many people just don’t like giving huge online companies access to their personal data, especially the info about their travels.

  3. When you lose access to your current account or need to set up a new account for a friend right now, it’s faster and cheaper to just use a virtual number for that.

How do I get Uber phone number verification?

A virtual number is an absolutely anonymous number which is impossible to trace to its owner. Thus, an account associated with this number is not related to you in person. Let us tell you about the procedure for purchasing a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

  1. Open the Tiger SMS main page and create an account. For this account, we will only ask for your email.

  2. Deposit some money into your account for future purchases.

  3. Find Uber in the list of services available for registration.

  4. Press “Buy” once you’re ready with your choice.

       5. Use your new virtual number for registration at Uber.

Normally this procedure takes several minutes, even if it’s your first time buying a virtual number. Our platform is simple and friendly, so you won’t find any issues on the way. With a couple of clicks and several cents, you’ll have a clean Uber account ready to be used.

Why is Tiger SMS the best choice for Uber number verification?

Besides using a virtual number there’s just no other way to get an anonymous account. You cannot even buy a second-hand one (which is a bad option even when we’re not talking about Uber) because this service provides physical transport solutions. And when getting a virtual number, Tiger SMS is the best choice on the market.

The main advantage is the ease of use - the whole process, as you could see above, literally takes a couple of clicks. There are some other advantages worth mentioning:

  • Our prices are the lowest on the market and we offer even better conditions for bulk customers.

  • Fast service. We automated the whole process so there is no way there can be any delay with your code or anything else. You request a code from Uber, and it comes to your personal page as fast as it would with your real phone.

  • All our numbers are secure and have never been used on Uber before. Don’t be afraid to get a number which is already in use.

  • We protect our customers’ data. We don’t share it with any third parties under any circumstances.

  • Our website is simple: we don’t overload it with side functions and useless features. Clean design means the speed of use.

Get your Uber verification phone number at tiger SMS right now and enjoy full online privacy - even with offline services.

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