How to get a fake number for TikTok registration

Buy a fake phone number for TikTok

Buy a fake phone number for TikTok

TikTok is a social platform of the new generation. Experts say it’s an absolutely new way of expressing oneself. It does sound a bit hyped up, but no one can deny: TikTok is getting extremely popular and at the moment there are already billions of users, not to mention the amount of unique content generated on a daily basis.

Registering at this platform is rather easy, but if you need many profiles for some promotional purposes, you’ll face the need to get a separate SIM card for each of them. It is for sure troublesome and quite often expensive.

Many people opt to buy a fake virtual number for TikTok verification, and there are many reasons for that:

  • if you lost access to your account or it was banned;

  • if you want a separate new account (with the help of a virtual number; instruction for that follows);

  • if you need a new account for advertisement and promotion;

  • if you want to create fake accounts for staging social interaction on the platform;

  • if you don’t feel secure sharing your real phone number on a Chinese application.

How to receive a code on your virtual phone number for TikTok verification?

The Tiger SMS website is extremely easy to use: the interface is user-friendly, and the service is instant. Our main purpose is to give you a secure solution with the least issues possible.

How Tiger SMS works:

1. Our service is based on a virtual mobile device to receive text messages.

2. We provide you a virtual phone number that you use on desired web platforms. In the process of registration, the platform sends a verification code.

3. The code is instantly displayed on your personal page at the Tiger SMS website.

4. You use the code to authorize your account. Done. No errors, no issues, no dead numbers.

How to buy a fake number phone number for TikTok verification

We cherish time of our clients, so Tiger SMS is fast, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require any additional effort on your side. The whole process to buy a fake number for TikTok takes a couple of minutes.

Check out our simple guide for the platform:

1. Open the main page of Tiger SMS and register your account or log into an existing one.

2. Transfer money to your account for desired services.

3. Open the page with the virtual number store and choose the offer you want to use. You can apply filters to save time.

4. Then choose the country of your virtual number and the mobile provider.

5. Press “Buy”. Now your virtual number is ready to use for registration at TikTok.

Our main goal is to give our customers fast and reliable solutions. No matter what your reasons are, we’ll make sure you get the best experience while preserving your online privacy.

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Author: Elena Kuznetsova

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