Buy a fake phone number for Line messenger

Use a virtual number for Line messenger verification

Use a virtual number for Line messenger verification

Line is widely used as a messenger, however, its newsfeed, payment system (LINE Pay), and video services are also popular. Among things worth mentioning are Line’s comic books and services in partnership with Naver.

Altogether, LINE is one of the most popular communication applications in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and South Korea. With such a wide market, this app is a great marketing and promotion tool. Almost every business uses its features on daily basis to keep in touch with clients and to attract new audiences.

For those who want to use Line but do not have a local (Asian) phone number, Tiger SMS provides a solution: get an affordable virtual number for registration on Line within a couple of minutes and use the app as a local.

Why do people opt for registration with a virtual number?

  1. It’s ideal to have a business account tied to a local number to promote goods or services in a certain area.

  2. When in need of several accounts for personal or business communications, virtual numbers are the cheapest solutions.

  3. If you lost access to your current account, create a new one with a virtual number right away - no need to have a lengthy dialogue with the support.

Line messenger number: receive SMS online at Tiger SMS

At Tiger SMS our main goal is to make the experience with a virtual number pleasant for the customer. Our platform is user-friendly and fast, so you don’t have to invest time or effort into using it.

Let’s have a look at the whole procedure of getting a Line account through a virtual number:

  1. Register at Tiger SMS with the help of an email. No other info is required - just the bare minimum for authorization.

  2. Top up your balance through a convenient payment method (bank card, online payment systems or crypto). 

3. Open our store and find “Line” in the list of offers. Then choose the country of your future virtual number (in the case with Line it’s an important step).

4. Once you’re ready with the choice, press “Buy”. The chosen offer is going to be activated instantly. You’ll find the number on your personal page.

5. Use your new number to confirm your account at Line with a verification code you’ll find on the same page. After this your new account is ready to use.

What are the advantages of Tiger SMS?

As we already mentioned, our main priorities are speed and convenience. Whenever in need of a virtual number (Line messenger, social apps, deliveries etc.), Tiger SMS has an inexpensive and reliable offer.

Our other advantages are:

  • Affordable prices. Our offers for single-time clients and bulk buyers are equally good.

  • Secure work. We make sure all our numbers are functional and our clients don’t face any issues while registering an account.

  • Fast service. Your virtual numbers can be used right after you press “buy” and verification codes come instantly. Not a minute is wasted.

  • We protect your data. We try to gather as little data about our clients as possible and we treat it very responsibly. You can be sure it never goes to any third parties. There’s no way your virtual numbers can be traced to you.

Tiger SMS is the most reliable provider of virtual numbers for registrations. You can trust us with your privacy and be absolutely sure all your new accounts are secure. We have your back online!

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