Buy KakaoTalk phone number verification

Buy a fake phone number for KakaoTalk

Buy a fake phone number for KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is considered the most popular messenger in South Korea and in the whole of Asia. It has over 220 million users and about 49 million logins daily, so no wonder it’s widely used not just for personal communication but also for business and marketing.

Those who need a second account for business as well as those who care about their online privacy are looking for solutions not to use a real phone number for registration at KakaoTalk.

Haven’t you ever thought about keeping your personal number away from online services? Here are a couple of arguments why it’s a good idea:

  • Many corporations collect their (and not only their) user’s data for purposes that you didn’t give your consent to.

  • If you’re doing some marketing or promotions, better to have a separate account for it as you might be blocked by a system and lose that account. 

  • That’s also the case when paying for a business account with a larger scope of functions: tying it to a private number is not always a good solution.

  • If you lost your existing account and need a new one, no need to buy a new phone number - just use a virtual one.

KakaoTalk phone number verification – how does it work?

If you’re looking for a fast and cheap way to buy a virtual number for KakaoTalk verification - check out Tiger SMS. It’s the fastest and most reliable provider of virtual numbers on the market with a streamlined and simple interface.

Buying a virtual number is really easy: 

1. Step 1: register at Tiger SMS (with the help of your email). Don’t worry, even very little of your data we ask is completely safe with us. 

2. Top up your balance through a convenient means of payment in order to buy the number you want.

3. Select the offer you want (for example, a number for KakaoTalk) and a country for your virtual number. Then click “Buy” and open your personal page.

4. Your virtual number is displayed on your personal page, and you can proceed with registration on the desired platform. The SMS with a verification code will appear here as well.

See, it’s really very simple. After just a couple of minutes you get a fully functional phone number ready for registration, while your personal number is completely safe from scammers and other shady activity.

What are the benefits of Tiger SMS when buying a virtual number?

When looking for a secure solution for a fake number for KakaoTalk, no need to look further than Tiger SMS. And here’s why:

  • Our prices are the lowest on the market, both for single use and for bulk registrations. Even if you only need one account, it’s still much cheaper than any other solution for anonymous registrations.

  • Our service is very fast. Getting a number takes only several minutes and the SMS is received instantly, just like with your real phone number. No need to waste the time of our customers!

  • Our platform is safe. We ask for a bare minimum of your data (only your email), and we care for it to be perfectly safe with us. We never share it with any third party, just like the info about the numbers you bought. You can trust us.

  • We offer a wide choice. Our numbers can be used for registration at almost any popular platform all over the world and we work with over 260 mobile providers in different countries. You’ll hardly want something we don’t have.

  • Our numbers are clean. It’s our top priority to make sure you never end up in a situation when your number has already been used on a certain platform.

There’s no better way to protect your data than a registration through Tiger SMS - the best provider of virtual numbers. Make us your security partner!

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