Buy a fake phone number for Amazon with online verification

Get your OTP for Amazon and verify an account online

Get your OTP for Amazon and verify an account online

Amazon is one of the world’s largest trading platforms. In recent years they have launched several various additional services like the streaming platform Prime. In order to have access to all their offers one needs to pass an SMS authentication of his account. Tiger SMS offers to buy a virtual number for Amazon in order to avoid sharing personal data and still have a fully functional account. Other reasons to go with a fake number for Amazon:

  • to keep your accounts anonymous;

  • to have a second account;

  • to register multiple accounts for promotional or other purposes.

Sure, you can always buy a separate SIM card, but an OTP is cheaper and easier.

Buying a fake number for Amazon (OTP) at Tiger SMS

Tiger SMS has the users’ privacy as its top priority, as well as easy and fast service. Follow our simple instructions and keep your private number away from corporate monsters.

1. First step: create an account at Tiger SMS. We will only ask for your email and password.

2. Top up your balance to be able to buy virtual numbers. Find a corresponding button in the top right part of your screen on your personal page.

3. Choose a platform you want to register on (Amazon, in our case) and a country for your OTP.

4. Press “Buy” and it’s done: your Amazon virtual phone number is ready to be used. If you need help with registering your Amazon profile, find a guide in our blog.

A phone number for Amazon verification from Tiger SMS: what are the benefits?

We do our best to have our customers happy with their experience with Tiger SMS. So we offer:

  • affordable OTP solutions;

  • wide choice of numbers and services;

  • reliable service;

  • full customer privacy.

If you have any additional questions about registering at Amazon with the help of a virtual number, contact our online support and get any help you need from a qualified agent.

Sergey Nikolaev
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