Buy a virtual phone number for Viber

Buy a fake number for Viber verification

Buy a fake number for Viber verification

Many active users of social applications, as well as entrepreneurs from different spheres, now face a need to register a Viber account without a phone number. There are several reasons for that:

  • a need for a second account - to separate personal from business communication;

  • a need for a separate promotional account for marketing strategies;

  • a loss of access to your current account for some reason;

  • personal reasons to have several private accounts or to not expose your real phone number in the application.

A virtual number for Viber: use an offer from Tiger SMS

The simplest way to get a virtual phone number for Viber is to use an offer from Tiger SMS. The process is really simple:

1. Open the website of Tiger SMS;

2. Go to the registration page;

3. Create an account at Tiger SMS. For this you only need to use your email;

4. Top up your wallet for the necessary amount;

5. Choose a service you need to register at (Viber, in this case);

6. Choose the country of your virtual phone number and buy the number.

Now your virtual number is ready to use. You will receive your code online as soon as you go through the registration process in Viber. 

Why use a fake number for Viber verification instead your real one

We can name several reasons to go with a fake number when registering your Viber account:

  • Virtual numbers are cheap. Even if you want only one account, it’s still cheaper than buying a SIM card or an existing account. If you need numerous accounts, the prices are not even comparable;

  • Buying a virtual number is fast and easy. Within a couple of minutes you’re an owner of a new number - no need to go to the mobile provider office or discuss conditions with a shady account seller;

  • Even if you need numerous Viber accounts, it’s still fast and simple;

  • Virtual numbers are secure. You won’t need to worry about the previous owner claiming his account back. Your virtual number is completely clean;

  • Tiger SMS is a secure and fast service. If you care about your privacy - choose reliable partners.

Dmitry Petrov
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