Buy a virtual number for Naver verification

Buy a fake phone number for Naver

Buy a fake phone number for Naver

Naver is today's leading search engine in South Korea and one of the most popular ones in Japan and South-East Asia. It currently has more than 45 mln unique visits per day. Also, the platform offers several related services like Cafes and PRISM together with various digital solutions in the area.

In that part of the world Naver is pretty much like Google in Europe. It’s just indispensable for any online user. For all your needs - online shopping, communication, finance and advertisement - you use Naver. And if you need to register at Naver, use a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

Do I need a number in Naver for verification?

In 2023 using Naver without registration is almost impossible. Sure, if you just do some search or scroll through a news feed, you can go without an account. But with services like Pay or Now it’s already impossible. In short, for anyone living in Korea or using the Korean sector of the Internet, an account on Naver is a must.

Having an account, you’ll be able to do shopping, take part in various discussions, look for specific stuff. It’s also worth noting that Naver is not accessible to certain regions, so the best option is to register through a Korean number.

How to register on Naver: a number to receive SMS verification code

Once you start the registration process, the Naver system will ask for a mobile number. You can use any number for that, however using a non-Korean number would mark you as a foreigner in the system (even if you use a VPN). There’s an easy solution: you can buy a fake number. Naver accounts registered with a virtual Korean number are regarded as ‘local’ and give you access to all the functions of the platform.

Tiger SMS offers such virtual numbers for a good price and requires almost no effort to use it. This is how it is done:

  • Open the main page of Tiger SMS and create an account. We only ask for your email for registration, no other data is needed.

  • Top up your account with the necessary amount. We accept various payment systems for your convenience.

  • Open the page with the offers and choose Naver. From the list of countries choose Korea - this way you’ll get a local virtual number for registration. Press ‘Buy’ to finalize your purchase.

  • Your number for Naver is now active. You can find it on your personal page under ‘Active numbers’ heading. Go through a registration process on Naver and use your new number.

We also support bulk registrations in case you need many accounts. It’s a good offer for promoters and social media workers who want to develop their business in Asian countries.

SMS activation: Naver accounts through Tiger SMS

Tiger SMS is super-friendly even for people who have never used a virtual number before. Try it yourself and see how easy it is now to protect your privacy online. No more need to look for loopholes and dubious solutions - we have it all automated and readily available anytime. What we offer:

  1. Adaptable price system. Our numbers start at as low as 5 cents (or even less in bulk).

  2. A lot of available numbers from almost any country of the world. We’ll be able to meet all your registration needs anytime.

  3. We work with thousands of mobile operators from any part of the world. You’ll find the most extensive choice at Tiger SMS.

  4. We require almost no personal data for our services. And what we do use, we protect responsibly and never share with any third parties.

  5. Our services are fast and reliable. Your registration would not be compromised by some delays. Your verification code will come as fast as it would if you used your personal number.

We at Tiger SMS make sure you have a pleasant and safe experience using our services. Trust us with your privacy concerns!

Alexei Volkov
Author: Alexei Volkov

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