Buy a fake phone number for Facebook

Buy a fake mobile number for FB verification

Facebook changes the whole communication scene not just in the western part of the world but on the whole planet. It’s an enormous marketing engine with almost unlimited possibilities. However, the necessity of using it with a phone number is regarded as an inconvenience by a lot of people (and even as a threat to privacy by some). Get a virtual number from Tiger SMS and don’t compromise your privacy.

What are the incentives to use a fake number for a Facebook account?

  • To keep your accounts anonymous and protect yourself from dishonest people online.

  • Getting a virtual number is cheaper and faster than using any other way of anonymous registration.

  • Virtual numbers are the most reliable way of mass registration.

Mass registration might not sound like a valid reason for you, but many people do need many Fb accounts. Why?

  1. For the promotion of businesses and products.

  2. In order to use Fb anonymously for private purposes.

  3. For searching for various content from different (not connected to each other) accounts.

  4. For those who lost their personal page for some reason.

How to get a fake phone number for Facebook verification

Tiger SMS is a fast and simple service providing fake phone numbers for Facebook. The whole process is fully automatic and requires minimal effort. You’ll be able to get a new account within just a couple of minutes.

Check out a short instruction for buying a virtual number from Tiger SMS:

  1. Register an account at Tiger SMS through your email.

  2. Top up your account to be able to buy a needed number.

        3. Open the list of services and find Facebook. Specify the country of your virtual number and press “Buy”.

Go to your personal page and find your new number. It’s instantly ready to be used at Facebook. After a standard registration procedure, you’ll be able to verify Facebook with a fake number and start using your new account.

Why do I choose Tiger SMS for a virtual phone number for Facebook?

Even though in 2023 Tiger SMS has many competitors, we’re proud of the quality service we provide to our clients. Here are some of our advantages:

  • we try to keep the prices as low as possible (both for bulk and single-time customers);

  • we support hundreds of services for registration and verification codes come instantly;

  • our database has an almost unlimited amount of numbers from every part of the world. You’ll easily find a number from the necessary country.

Choose Tiger SMS and don’t worry about privacy anymore. There’s no need to think twice when you can get a fake mobile number for Facebook for just a couple of cents from us!