Get a temporary Indian phone number

Buy a fake Indian phone number

If you’re looking for a way to bypass phone number verification at a certain online platform online, receive an SMS from an Indian number and get a clean and reliable profile whenever you need it. It’s fast, simple and absolutely safe. Also, sometimes it’s beneficial to use a number coming specifically from India as it gives you access to definite functions or/and special offers.

Buy your Indian virtual number from Tiger SMS for only 3 cents and pass the verification of your account instantly. We support nearly all popular online platforms and offer cheap numbers not only from India but from over a hundred other countries. With Tiger SMS a fake Indian mobile number is the best way of registration.

What are the benefits to receive SMS online: Indian mobile number

If you want to check an Indian phone number for verification, let’s first understand why people want to do it in the first place. The obvious advantages are the ease of use: you buy a number in a couple of clicks and it’s ready to be used right away. However, there are some more benefits to it.

Indian phone number: SMS verification advantages:

  1. You can create as many accounts as you need. Mass registration is a popular demand in the sphere of marketing these days.

  2. Price. Indian phone numbers are cheap to use even for a single-time customer, and extremely beneficial for those who want many accounts.

  3. Privacy: your new account on any platform is going to be absolutely anonymous. You can reveal as much information about you as you want (or even none). Nobody can trace your account to you.

Read on and discover how to create a fake WhatsApp account with an Indian number (you can equally register on any other service of your choice: Telegram, WhatsApp, Google, Dream11, Naver or Line). All accounts registered with Tiger SMS are reliable and functional, as well as completely anonymous. Try our services and don’t give up on your privacy online.

How to use a virtual Indian phone number for SMS on Tiger SMS

With Tiger SMS you can receive SMS online (India number) on our website. Here is a little instruction on how to do that in case it’s your first time using a virtual number:

  1. Create an account on Tiger SMS. It’s a simple procedure requiring an email in order to be able to use your personal page on the website.

  2. Now top up your balance to pay for the numbers of your choice (think in advance if you want to use several numbers).

  3. Choose a convenient payment method and amount of money you want to deposit. We work with various systems including bank cards, e-money and cryptos. Wait until money comes into your account (normally it’s around a minute) and proceed on.

  4. On the main page find the name of the service you want to register on (there’s a search bar to make it faster) and choose a country (India, in this case). Once you are sure about your choice, press “Buy”. Your number is now on your personal page and you can use it for registration whenever you want. If you need a different country – click on the name of that country and see the price for the number.

Once you use the number, the verification code can be received on your personal page. For that click “Get SMS code” for the number in use and wait for the message. Once you have the code, use it to confirm your account with an Indian phone number and finish registration.

What if a free virtual Indian phone number for SMS?

If you want to save some money and verify your account with free Indian phone numbers on Facebook or any other platform, give it a second thought and there are certain issues in using those solutions.

The main one is that you’re lucky enough to find even one free number for verification, finding many is a miracle. So, if you need several accounts it’s not an option for you. The second one is the time: while the internet is seemingly full of such options, almost all of them don’t work properly or do not support the platform of your choice, So, you’ll need to spend a substantial amount of time on that. Taking into account that on Tiger SMS you can get a temporary SMS number from India for just a couple of cents, it’s just not worth the effort.