How to Use WhatsApp without Being Blocked

Blocking a Number on WhatsApp

Blocking a Number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a messenger that allows users to send text messages, photos, videos, audio recordings, and documents. It was developed in 2009 and later acquired by Facebook in 2014. The app is available on various mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), as well as on PC.

WhatsApp is widely used worldwide due to its ease of use, end-to-end encryption, and convenient interface. The number of active users exceeds one billion people.

The messenger has an option to block a contact. This allows users not to receive messages from the selected user. Have you encountered a problem when your number was blocked on WhatsApp? As practice shows, it is best to register a new account. To do this, you need to use a mobile number that serves as a user identifier. Don't want to use your own contact? The "Tiger SMS" service offers to buy a virtual number for registration on WhatsApp. It is not tied to a SIM card, and SMS reception occurs via the Internet.

How to Block a Number on WhatsApp

The developer has made sure that every user has this functionality. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Open a chat with the contact you are interested in.

  2. Tap on their name until a menu with options pops up.

  3. Select "Block" and add the contact to the blacklist.

Among the additional options, there is an option to complain to the administration. It should be selected in cases where the rules of using the service are violated.

You may often hear the question of whether a user in the blacklist can see the block on WhatsApp. No - they do not receive any notifications about it. When sending a message, it will not be delivered (only one tick will always be displayed), and in the case of a call, there will be no answer. There are no direct ways to find out if you are in the blacklist. It is recommended to call or write from another number. If the person answers, then you are blocked by them.

 Blocking a Number on WhatsApp

Not only users can add an account to the blacklist. Blocking WhatsApp in 2023 is actively done by the system itself. As a rule, this happens as a result of violating the rules. For example, spam or prohibited content was sent from the account.

The only way to remove the block from WhatsApp is to contact the administration of the resource and explain the situation. If we look at the statistics, very few cases of lifting the ban from users. The easiest way is to create a new account.

How to Bypass a WhatsApp Block

Can't use your account or write to a specific person? The most effective way to bypass the restrictions is to register a new profile. As already noted, the main problem is the need to use a phone number. Let's consider the process of creating a profile using the "Tiger SMS" service.

  1. Register on the website for the sale of virtual numbers. This is necessary to use the service and receive SMS messages.

  2. Choose a top-up method. Specify the amount that will be credited to the balance instantly or within a few minutes. Various payment systems are available.

  3. Proceed to purchase. In the left field, specify the service (WhatsApp), in the right - the country. Prices for each state are indicated for the convenience of users. It is recommended to use the search bar to save time. When all items are selected, the purchase button is activated.

  4. Go to the payment window, where the funds are debited from the account.

  5. The second stage of how to bypass a WhatsApp block if you have been blocked is to create a profile in the messenger according to the standard scheme. When the system asks for a mobile number, specify the purchased virtual number.

  6. After sending an SMS, it can be accepted in the personal account of the "Tiger SMS" website.

  7. Enter the code on the WhatsApp website and complete the registration.

We now have a new messenger account that has full functionality. This is an opportunity to use WhatsApp again without being blocked.

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